What Made It Easier For Me To Choose To Say No

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  1. I know everyone is at a different place with their personal walk with God.
    (not having a personal relationship with God - is still a different place than someone who chooses to have one)

    I was married, and my husband left us.
    Yes I struggled, and I tried to follow the rules, and realized I was getting frustrated, and I struggled with justifying my humanity, or saying this was what I needed for me or for my body.

    But things are different now -
    And this is why.

    I seriously looked at my relationship with the God I 'said' I loved.
    I said I knew him ... but lets face it - I can say I know Amy Grant or even Billy Graham, but would they know me?
    There is a scripture in the Bible that really - HIT ME - when Jesus talks about how at Judgement, He tells those who did lots of amazing things in His Name, including Casting out Demons, and healing the sick - Yet Jesus says they never had a personal relationship with Him. - OUCH -

    I questioned if I was to say - ok I know that I know - that Jesus sees my actions as loving Him, or as ones that bring Him a smile or delight, or is He even proud of my choices?
    Well then I realized that I only loved Him with as much depth of the words I spoke.

    I tried to then think of things I would do to or for my boyfriend - If I had one.
    I would spend time with Him, vrs just being online.
    I would talk to him throughout the day, about things that excited me, and things that upset me.
    I would also try to hear him, and if the radio or TV was too loud, I would turn it down or off.
    If I was spending quality time with Him, I would not worry about a phone call or a text.

    I would know that my 'perfect boyfriend' would do things for me everyday, and every week to show me that He loved me .... and if I did not appreciate those things, I would miss His efforts, and he would get hurt.
    I know roles reversed - I would be.

    I soon found that I started to fall in love with my God.
    When people would ask me about him, then my face would light up when I smiled, because I knew that He loved me.

    Now I talk about my God just as He is my boyfriend, and if people do not like it, I just tell him my boyfriend has a name that is Jesus - in Spanish (Hay-sues ... sorry cant spell it, but I hear it in my mind ... lol)

    How does that help me now?

    Well it took me a long time to get to this point in my relationship with God.
    but now ... I have actually felt like if I were to do anything with another person, I would be cheating on my boyfriend.
    I do pray and I do ask God to show me a sign if a guy I have met is not the right one - I even really liked a few of them ... but then I just gave up on asking ... LOL

    I have also searched to find my purpose to what God needs me to do for His Glory.
    Which also helps separate those who know where they are going for God vrs those who are still seeking their path.
    (why does that matter? Well if I know where God needs me to Go, and my husband does not, then how can I line myself up under him? Why should I surrender the leadership of my Perfect God boyfriend for an Imperfect Man?)

    Sorry it is late for me - but I have a heart for women.
    We think we need to have a man - (and I agree)
    But look at all the passages in the Bible where God provides for the orphan and the widow.
    I promise you He does!
    But as women, when we are hurting, if we do not surrender our issues to God to help heal us, we will never be the support our husbands need from us. If we do not let God refine us for more of His Perfection, we will not be the perfect imperfect mate our spouse needs. We should strive to fall in love with our God, and then God will show our spouse how He sees us, and they will fall in love with us.

    Women when we are hurting, we will have responses that will not be honoring or respectful to others, (including our spouses - or one day spouses.)
    So Ladies, lets be ladies, and fall in love with our Lord.
    Lets also be ladies, and not sell our selves short.
    Trust me I understand the struggles, but I also believe that I am not the only one out here who can make this kind of a choice.

    Who else is with me?
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  2. Isaiah 54:5 is screensaver on my tablet so I see it several times a day! Great reminder for me.

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