What Las Vegas Taught Me...

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  1. I went to Las Vegas over this last weekend to help my wife celebrate having completed her last class for her doctoral program. I told myself the last time I was there that I would not care if I never went back there again, this indeed held and still holds true. Overall, the place just makes me sad. Although some people are there for entertainment purposes only; just a little gambling here and there, sightseeing, restaurants, etc., there are others that are caught up in themselves - those that do not know, have never known God and others that are stuck in some type of oppression or have some type of stronghold built up, overwhelming them to sin with a barrage of temptation. This is not a judgment, just an observation. Being closer to God means that our eyes open a little wider every day and we start to notice more and more things that He detests and to stay away from those things and if we cannot witness to those people, pray that God can soften their heart so a relationship with Him can begin.

    Sorry if this just sounded like jumbled thoughts. I am just in awe day by day in how God is using His Spirit to work in me. My eyes are starting to be opened to things I never even gave a second thought to which is, in and of itself a blessing! God bless!
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  2. Been to Reno and Vegas many times. The buffet are awesome!!!!

    one thing to keep in mind is that those "Sinners" have had a great price bought and paid for them. They may not understand or get it but we know.

    Don't get caught up in those that won't get it, or concern yourself with those damned. The angels rejoiced over the ONE sheep that made it and we rejoice the same.

    We can't be the Lord, nor carry the burden he bought and paid for. We can be a light, and a witness to all that will hear.
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  3. This is great! I'm glad to see a response from you, I missed you brother!
  4. Well, I am only at the house for a short time. I had planned to be gone longer but things got changed a bit and I had to come back for a couple weeks.

    Blessings though, stay encouraged.
  5. Thank you! I hope you are enduring/enjoying this journey the Lord has for you. God bless, brother.

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