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  1. OK, here's the story:

    I went out hiking, feeling fine, got home, and bam, flu bug. I spent the next 36 hours in bed.

    Now, this wouldn't have been a major problem apart from the fact that I had 3 x Chinese students (I'm a teacher) arriving in two days time. It was too late to cancel anything. By the time I realised that I totally felt like death, they were already in transit. This could have turned out to be one of my greatest disasters! Now I know this wasn't a life-changing event, but I, in my sniffly, achey, coughing state, prayed. Please Lord deliver me from this virus. (I also know that a lot of people say the same thing when they are sick with the rotten flu!!).

    However, I woke after my 36 hour coma.....and felt fine?

    It was the day they were arriving. I was cautious. After all, in my experience, you 'die' for 36 hours and then spend the next couple of weeks recovering. But no. I could breathe? I could walk about? I wasn't blowing my nose? I wasn't even coughing?

    I proceeded to make their beds and prepare their room, and make a dinner for all of us. When they arrived, at around dinner time, I was still wide awake.

    And I still am! Either I'm a medical miracle, or God stepped in to give a helping hand (when I really didn't expect it because I wasn't dangerously ill or anything close to it, I just had the flu).

    This is one of the strangest things that has happened to me.

    All I know, is, that when I prayed it was sincere and specific. That's it.
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  2. Um let me take a guess here.
    Answered Prayer! !
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  3. God in His grace gave you what you sincerely prayed for (even though you didn't expect it), because He loves you.

    He desires for you to know that He does not desire for you to be sick in any way. Not even a little flu or cold. And also wants you to see that you should be expecting your prayers to be answered when you pray.

    Mark 11:22-25 is what Jesus says on the subject. So when you pray... you should immediately believe you receive.

    Thank you for sharing this awesome testimony to God's grace for us as believers. It encourages us and gives us all one more reason to praise God for all the good things that He does for His children.

    Blessings to you my friend!
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  4. praise God

    what an awesome testimony of God's goodness and power


    i prayed for someone today who said they had been suffering for 2 months in pain with a groin injury

    they could hardly move and any movement was extremely painful for this dear old saint

    i prayed for her and then had to run

    i called her later and she was so excited to be totally pain free and mobile - the first time in 2 months she said

    awww - i felt bad she had suffered so long - but now she is free and healed and moving around again

    Praise God

    who is like our God? - no one!

    God is awesome
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  5. That is AWESOME, thank you for sharing this.


    Annie x
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  6. That's wonderful. Don't you just love it when God intervenes.....
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    Annie.. He is so good to heal. Thanks for sharing this testimony. :)
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