What It Means to Be Full of the Holy Ghost

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  1. What It Means to Be Full of the Holy Ghost

  2. The Holy Ghost was given as our comforter and dwells within us.
    We are to be spirit filled with The Holy Ghost!

  3. The church was born at Pentecost (Act 2:4)
    when they were filled and tranformed by the indwelling.
    These poor fishermen huddled behind cloesd doors in fear were instantly transformed as God's Spirit fell upon them.

    Believers are admonished to be filled implying an ongoing infilling
    Eph 5:18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;

    this is indeed a fulfilment of :
    1Sa 10:6 And the Spirit of the LORD will come upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy with them, and shalt be turned into another man.

    It is the indwelling presence of the very Living God that empowers us, transforms us, leads and guides us.

  4. Usually when someone is filled with the Holy Ghost they may begin to prophesy or speak in tongues.
    It is hard to explain the feeling. It is a type of transfiguration, it's almost like the Spirit is electricity and flowing throughout your entire body.
  5. AMEN!

    THere are times this electricity has exploded within my body like bursting fireworks... Sometimes a little ... Sometimes alot... Sometimes nothing but a WORD, prophesy, vision, speaking in tongues or a healing... Hallelujah:dance::dance::dance:
  6. The Holy Spirit leads and guides us in the ways of righteous. Through it, God reveals Himself and the meaning of His Word.

  7. I agree with you on that~
  8. Amen!
  9. All of these post are true...
    Also Daniels being filled with the Holy Spirit means different thing to different people...

    The Holy Spirit gives us Gifts and Fruits...

    Some believe that being filled is shaking, or falling on the ground... Tongues... It can be all of these and more...
  10. Wow! I was hesitant to share my recent experience until reading this post. Now I MUST share. I'll try to summarize where I can. I was abused as a child, many times by many people. As an adult I have always considered myself a Christian but have always had hate for the adults in my life who allowed these things to happen. Especially my father who was one of the most prominent abusers throughout my life. I havent spoke to him in over a year. I have been trying to free myself from this hate and unforgiveness. I prayed on it daily. One day while in church I was praying to be released from my unforgiveness and a lady interrupted service and said that the Holy Spirit was urging her to address the crowd, that there was someone here who was a prisoner to their past and a slave to their unforgiveness. She said "Jesus is standing before you and he wants you to know that you can let that go, he is here to release you from it..you are free" I didn't hear anymore of her words. I was immediately filled with an overwhelming feeling - the best way I can describe it was like being inside of a beautiful tornado - without the chaos. Like taking the deepest breath of the purest oxygen and being completely free from all pain, worry, hate, and other human/wordly feelings. I began to receive answers. I was urged to bring my father the Bible he had given to me for a birthday present one year, I was given a message to pass to a very dear friend of mine who is suffering from a chronic illness and most of all I was truly freed from the anger. When I "snapped out of it" my shirt was soaked through from my tears but I felt so wonderful! I truly feel that Jesus was with me that day! I didn't speak in tongue or fall to the ground and noone else even noticed what was happening to me - they all just continued singing but a miracle occurred.

    I shared my story with some of my close friends and they were...happy for me but I could see that they didn't understand and was afraid to share it. It is so neat to see this topic here!! Thank you!
  11. It can be hard to understand for one who has not experienced such a feeling.
    Praise God and I am so happy for your touch from God!!!
  12. Welcome Shelli to this forum,

    What does it mean to you and could you used Biblical Text, Please...

  13. I..think..I agree, except I'm not sure how far you are carrying the statements exactly. Are you saying that those things are wrong? Or just that they aren't signs of the Holy Spirit?

    Because I'm pretty sure the eating Cheerios for breakfast isn't a sign of the Holy Spirit either, but I'm likely to do it anyway in a few hours...

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