What Is Your Favorite Way To Eat Nutella?

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  1. Granted, Winesap apples are on the tart side. If you like sweet apples, you will be disappointed.

    BTW Nutella is good on Delicious apples as well. ;)
  2. Used to love Delicious apples while I lived in Minnesota. Wonderful apples there! But not on the West Coast! Yuck.
  3. I've figured out a good use of Nutella! Put it on a dry corn cob and feed it to the squirrels!!
  4. Best out of hand eating apples.


    They are the way apples used to all be.
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  5. Try
    Wa Red delicious apples. That's where I is from mmmm hhhmmm I recon
  6. Maybe I should try to find some and try again. It has been years . . . .

    Not mealy?
  7. No mam they are crunchy and sweet! mmm hhmmm I recon
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  8. Mealy apples means old apples.

    Try buying them near season or tap them. If they sound hollow you're good, if dull then they are only good for cooking.

    And if you want to make applesauce or apple butter then get them as old as you can. For Mince get the wrinkled ones as long as they have no soft (rancid spots) or browning.
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  9. Really good apples if you can get them fresh (or relatively so).
  10. I don't like Nutella anymore, but I used to cut a croissant in half and put Nutella on.
  11. Just saw this. Thank you for the info!

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