What Is Your Favorite Way To Eat Nutella?

Discussion in 'Recipes and Cooking' started by smarch, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. What is your favorite way to eat Nutella?
    I like to dip animal crackers in it-good combo. I'm looking for some more ways to eat it and was wondering how you guys like to eat it.
  2. I may get banned from the forum for saying this (it may be in the rules, I can't remember), but I've never had it.
  3. I don't think it would be appropriate to say... My second favorite is to dip apples in it though.
  4. Don't worry, you're not missing out. Its just some nasty brown goo. Stick to the creatine, and blackened salmon.
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  5. My favorite way is to give it the big miss.
  6. I love dipping strawberries.. Often just put it in a bread and eat it :)
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  7. Try it on a banana, your morning toast, bake with it....it can really be used where ever you use peanut butter. ;)
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  9. Not allowed to have this stuff in the house :(
  10. We went to a local Restaurant last night. They had oodles of Nutella based menu items including many pizzas with Nutella on offer along with real food menu items. They also had a special menu sheet full of Ramadan menu items many of which were also Nutella based. Is there some sinister connection here??...maybe not. Anyway they redeemed themselves by serving a fabulous grilled Chicken dish (Nutella free of course)
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  11. Do you like hazel nuts?
  12. Spread the nutella over a crepe, fold the crepe in half 3 times and then open the pocket so it's kind of a cone. Add a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream or both. eat. die happy.
  13. Got real excited about it when it first came out, when my children were in my home.
    Bought it.
    We were all excited.
    Tried it.
    We all strongly disliked it.
    Haven't had it since.
  14. AH! And here I had thought you were a good person! What are you going to eat in heaven if you can't handle nutella!?
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  15. Well, peanut butter will do! :D
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  16. Croissant, toasted with a cup of proper tea with milk.
  17. You'd ruin a croissant with Nutella? May you be forgiven!!!
  18. Croissants are nothing more than a food stuff made to celebrate a victory over the Turks by Austrians.

    As Nutella is a favourite of the Austrians, I'm good.
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  19. On apples (Winesap are best) or chocolate graham crackers.

    Dark chocolate/peanut butter works as well. :D
  20. This must be the only way to make a Winesap Apple taste good.
    When I was around eight years old my mother brought home a bag of Winesap apples. I tried one bite and was disgusted. Later that day, I tried another with tv same result. Again, I tried another. So by the end of the day the trash can had half a bag of apples with one bite taken. My father got home and exclaimed, "if I find another $&@" apple with one $&@" bite taken and thrown away, I'm gonna $&@!." I had to try one more, there had to be one good apple. That night, I couldn't take it anymore. The lure was too strong. Crunch, it was awful, bitter, yuck! I couldn't throw it in the trash can. Ah hah, I'll flush it down the toilet!
    "Anybody know why the toilets not flushing?" Dad asked. I knew instantly I was gonna get $&@". Dad removed the toilet from the seal on the floor. I was upstairs in my room, the yell from dad shook the house. "Who flushed a $&@" apple!?" I blamed it on my brother's friend who was spending the night. To this day, that's my story and in sticking to it.
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