What is your favorite sport?

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  1. does fishing count:)
    if so, it is my favorite by far!

    if not kentucky basketball, but i do not watch it any longer.
  2. Of course, fishing counts..at least it sure does count with me. And basketball..yay!!! :smile_anim:
  3. I love football! Go Seahawks!

    I like to camp....I mean really camp in a tent, with a campfire to cook on/in, and a river near the site...with NO people around!, fish, hike, horseback ride, swim, bike, rock climb, shoot...I could easily live in the woods!
  4. From the hills of East Tennessee:

    Lets Go Mets!
  5. My favorite sport would have to be cycling.

    I don't race - I entered one race and finished in last place by about half an hour! Of course, it was a 56 mile race...

    I did a charity ride a while back, but my work has kept me from doing more. I loved that experience, as well as just getting out and riding. Something about being in the saddle seems to clear my mind in a way nothing else does.

    Pedal on,
  6. Favorite is Football.
    Followed by MMA
    Followed by Boxing
  7. My Braves have ALWAYS owned your Mets, hehe:D:D:D

  8. Hmmm ..... Time for me to put in my two cents .... Hey whos at the top of the league right now .... American League that is ..... Yay Blue Jays ...


  9. Hockey is my favorite sport, and if I had to chose a second sport it would be tennis. :D

  10. Yes.
    You do not keep "score" in fishing.
    Therefore it is a Sport and not a Game.

    (Just like huntin!) ..............:D :D :D
  11. "Sport", "game", whatever..I am enjoying reading the variety of answers so far on this thread! :goodpost: :D
  12. If you call it a sport . I love hiking and walking in the forest and watching all the birds and seeing God's Nature and my favourite is mountains as we do not have any here .
  13. Youth Soccer (US) or 'football' in the rest of the world.

    It gives our youth excercise both physically and mentally and builds character, because this is a game where agility and stammina are required as well as a logical, strategic mind. This game has been equated with a 'running' chess game. :)
  14. Being an ardent birdwatcher..I would put that in a class all by itself. It is one of the few things I can still do and I love it.:smile_anim:
  15. Well I would have to say that cycling and backpacking are my favorite two "sports". I no longer backpack but still like to cycle, though I go much slower these days. Gives me more time to enjoy the scenery.
  16. Go Braves!

    Hey, wait a minute! The Mets are in the same division as the Braves… Boo! To any team competing in the Braves’ division! No offense HisManySongs, it's not your fault you werent born in Georgia hehe. :)

    There we go, someone who knows their baseball! Braves all the way!

    I grew up playing Baseball. When it dawned on me how the stats worked (RBIs, OB%, ERA, Batting Average, ect…) I was hooked. I’d always loved the game, but when I realized all the tactics involved (as well as the how gauge stats) I couldn’t get enough of it. Baseball is truly a thinking game in addition to all the physical aspects, and I really enjoy following players who know how to work for the team and not just for themselves. Moving a player into running position, for instance, from a pop fly that they were “outted on” takes a lot more teamwork than “swinging for the fences”. Julio Franco & Walt Weis are such players (who are retired now) that would always come through when you needed them, especially moving people around on the bases even if they didn’t get on base themselves. I don’t think they got all the recognition they deserved. They were some true team players!
  17. Rugby league, football (soccer), and NFL.

    My favourite to watch is probably rugby; I also play it every now and again with friends. NFL is a bit hard to get hold of here in Australia :D, but I do like to watch the superbowl and any other games I manage to find....and of course a casual game of soccer never goes astray :D
  18. Football. As in USA NFL.

    Go Mariners in the Baseball!!

  19. I'm just quoting your "thought it, bought it!" WOW!!! Rock on and praise the Lord!
  20. :cap:..go Mariners!

    another fan..:israel:

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