What is your favorite sport?

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  1. What is your favorite sport?

    I thought it might be interesting to talk about our favorite sports..and preferably this would mean one in which you participate or have participated but any sport you like is fine..:)

    My favorite sport was cross-country skiing. I started this in Alaska when I was in my early thirites and continued it for over twenty years. There were so many wonderful ski trails there and old snow covered roads. When there was a snow fall of fresh powder we could even ski right down the side streets in town and on the biking trails. We also took trips in which we skied in parts of Western Canada and states in the Pacific NW, USA..Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

  2. There are only two "Sports".
    Fishing. (My favorite)

    Everything else is a game. :)
  3. The sport I most enjoyed participating in is fencing (yes, that's the one with swords).
  4. A sword might get the job done....eventually...
    But a good fence hole digger would save ya a little time. :)

  5. When I was in high school, I was in track and field. I could run like the wind...umm now I can run like a brick.:p

    I too love to fish. My Daddy was a professional fishing guide. His love for fishing was passed on to me. Being from New Orleans, there is a city nearby called Venice, Louisiana. Fishing there explains why Louisiana is called "Sportsman's Paradise". My Daddy was also a hunter, but I never could get into it. Once my Daddy took me out for target practice and I accidently killed a wood pecker. I was only 10 and I cried for weeks because I just knew I had killed Woody Wood Pecker. That's when I knew hunting wasn't for me. However, our bellies were kept full from Daddy's hunting and as long as you're putting meat on the table, hunting is a fine sport.

    My very favorite sport is football. I looooooove football, and because it gets so hot down here, one of the reasons I so look forward to football season, is because I know when I start watching football, fall is on the way. Geaux Saints Geaux. Oh btw, that's how a cajun person would spell go.:D

    I have never really been a baseball fan, until my grandson who is 14, started playing. They made it to the Dizzy Dean World series last year and we took the week off to go support him. It was great fun and gave me a new appreciation for the sport. I now like baseball.

    Blessings, Cheri
  6. I used to be a HUGE Reds fan. That is until the strike. I've just never re-developed an appreciation since then. It's good to hear that your grandson is learning good sportsmanship and teamwork.

    You sound like my wife. (She just loves it when I tell her football is a game not a sport) :D I have to admit myself though, I cant walk past a good game of pigskin without stopping to see the score. (Even if it takes a half hour or so) :cool:
  7. I am with you ILOVEUSA911, football is one of more three favorite sports also love Track and Field and Cross Country Running.
  8. Wow, :goodpost:here on our favorite sports. ;) I'll add that my husband's favorite is baseball and he is a big Seattle Mariner's fan..I watch some of the games with him on tv and even went to one at Safeco Field once; but I prefer going to the girl's softball games at our local high school in which my grand daughter plays First Base. So...:cool:
  9. im a HUGE hockey fan to me there is no sport better lol. when i was little i took skating lessons was the youngest in the class but was the best skater. my parents never had the money to put me in to hockey but i played as much as i could. one of the women who lived by us allways built a rink in her back yard and let the neighbourhood kids play on it. or in my bsment with my uncle and brother those were the days :)
  10. I have got to say that i am a huge Baseball fan . And last night was a big win for the Blue Jays as they beat the famous Yankees . 5 to 1 .

  11. Equestrianism, hands down.

    A lot of people think it's kind of hookey-poke, that equestrians are herding cows and stuff. Nope!



    Equestrianism is a lot more complicated than it looks, once you get past basic riding. Dressage is a lot of technique and signals, and it requires tremendous amounts of discipline and trust between horse and rider.

    Show Jumping, both the horse and rider must be physically prepared to jump fences up to seven feet in height. And have you ever been on a jumping horse? Unless you know two-point position, you'll think you're in a car accident! It's a lot of force when the horse lifts off from the ground and then comes back down, especially when you start doing Grand Prix.

    I could go on and on...
  12. Ill probably get in trouble with some for saying this :)

    To me a sport has to have certain credentials or prerequisits even. Like a physical atletic program required to play it. Athletes play sports..

    I do not consider golf a sport. Or nascar.. i have a very large freind who is a great golfer. He is not an athlete. Golf is a leisure activity..like chess.. or hunting/fishing. these are not sports :D :D :D

    so back on topic..Hockey would be my favorate sport..baseball is cool. football is fun to play but in tampa its hard to watch.
  13. whats your fav hockey team? im a canucks fan my self
  14. Well Ive been in tampa since the team started. So they have grown on me. Ive always been a ranger fan but I suppoese lightning now, then rangers.
  15. Hi, thanks so much for sharing about [Equstrianism] and the pictures too.
    My grand daughter (13) has attended a Christian horse camp now for a week each summer for three years. She cares for a horse there all week and then participates in a show at the end of the week with other campers. They also have times of prayer, singing, and bible studies when there during the week. The girls stay together with their camp counselor in small cabins set up for six to eight campers. She'll go back this year as a kitchen helper but will also have one week as a camper with a different horse. She is learning so much and absolutely loves it. She is from the city and doesn't have her own horse; so this gives her the opportunity to participate each summer, learn a lot about horses and horse shows, and fellowship with other Christians as well.
  16. yea as a canucks fan its kinda required for me to hate the rangers lol(and mark messier right now tho im cheering for the redwings
  17. haha yes I suppose 94 left a scar. That was a great series. bure was impossible to stop.

    Im gonna take chicago this year. They are original 6 and due for a win. Either way tho its always nice to have an original 6 in the cup.
  18. Hmmmm Chris I guess that's only because the Maple Leafs have been written off for so many years .
  19. i dont think the hawks will beable to skate as much or as fast against the wings. there skating is what killed the canucks.
  20. Baseball here In Georgia..GOOOOOOOOOO BRAVES, hehe.

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