What is your Aim in Life?

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  1. what are you doing and what will you do to reach the destination? whats the way to go and how ?
  2. My aim in life is to always obey God. Do everything he has told us to do, and everything he tells me to do.

    This life has no meaning other than to become a slave of God.

    God’s will is to be my will forever.
  3. To be found faithful when He comes.
  4. I will worship God forever and ever.

    I don't know what I want to do, for my occupation. Any ideas?
  5. To love and honor my wife, my family, have many children with her, and above all, to become a saint.
  6. When I was a kid I always wanted to become a cricket player. I think that is one thing every Indian kid would aim for! As I grew in Lord, I started realizing He had better plans for me. Now I am trying to listen very intently on what plans God has for me. Also praying that He will give me sensitive ears to acknowledge His call and walk accordingly. Until now He has lead as a son, husband and father.
  7. Amen just keep listening, and doing as the Holy Spirit dictates
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  8. I first really started watching test cricket in the days of the great West Indies sides so mine (not that I was any good at either) would have included batting like Viv Richards and bowling like Michael Holding. Before that it was football players... A later stage in life had me just wanting a decent job, a nice house and a comfortable existence...

    I'd say that over the past 10 years, my most consistent wish has been to find a stable base in Christ. It's not that I haven't had other desires (eg. sometime I still want my own nice house in the country) or day dreams (eg. I've picked up an instrument and been a "folk star") nor is it that I've not even had periods of anger with God in this time.

    What it is, in part is a sort of realisation that I need this before anything is really possible. Daft as might sound, I'm not even convinced I fully know who I am and what I might be doing without it. As things stand though, I've not found a way past my own personal roadblocks.
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  9. For me it is the great commission, I want God to use me so I can spread the good news and bring people to Jesus
  10. To conform my will to that of Christ.

    Side note: as the raw materials I've been working with are rather poor, I haven't made a whole lot of progress.:p

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