What Is Your Agenda?

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  1. On another thread, "patriot13" stated.....

    "I think we all do, sometimes take scripture out of context to meet our own selfish desires. It is a constant struggle, and we need to focus on not doing that every day."

    I agree totally with his comment and it got me to thinking about things.

    I have been alive for some time now and in my obersvation it it clear that every single person has an "agenda". Not everyone admitts that of course, but we all do. Some are obviouse and some are more suttle. I do not write these comments to be bantered back and forth but to simply to get us all thinking in a different direction.......Gods direction.

    Now the question I think is WHY? Why do we say and do the things we say? What is your agenda?
    WHY do we believe what we believe when in most cases it is clearly not in agrrement with the Word of God?

    We see it everyday. Some one will post a Scripture and then we beat each other to death with quoted Scripture that match our "agenda". Again.....WHY do we do that?

    Some want to be right. Some want to give the impression that God has given them a special insight not available to any one else. Some want the power that come with knowledge. Some are only in it for the money. Some follow the triditions of men not knowing what those men had as an agenda.

    May I say to you that the most important thing we can learn is that nothing, no agenda is more important than the TRUTH.

    So then, what is TRUTH? The problem is not in the truth but in its application, as is often the case with philosophical verbal gymnastics.

    "See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ," ...(Colossians 2:8).

    IMO, TRUTH is not what we say it is, but what God says it is. You see, we are all sinners with an agenda to serve self and we will use the Scriptures to support OUR agenda...BUT, our agenda is not always Gods agenda, and there my friends is where the trouble lies. This is not just true in Christianity but in all life in general.

    We, people in general uselly seek the truth but the problem is that truth is not found in human wisdom our ability. CHRIST and only CHRIST is the answer to what TRUTH is. We tend to use philosophy to try and find the truth. It will not work. Philosophy has not answere, only more and more questions. It is like a blind man, in a room painted black, trying to find a black cat that is not there.

    Paul wrote in Colossians 1:30......
    "But of him are ye in CHRIST Jesus, who God is made unto us wisdom".

    I hope that you all remember that Jesus condemned the religious rulers of His day because they taught the traditions of men rather than the Word of God. Very frankly speaking, this is my agenda in life. I have been to the universities, and schools of higher learning. I have sat listened to the learned men of our day and that is the reason I have focused on the Word of God in my life.

    I have found that it is very easy to lift out some particular passage and then ride that passage like a hobby horse. It is easy to fall in love with an AGENDA and then use a passage of Scripture to force the meaning toward an agenda. We tend to believe or someone has convinced us of a verse to validate that thinking while all the time, rejecting all the other passages which tell us something all together

    I believe in prophecy 100%, but there is more to the Word of God than just prophecy.

    I believe in the ability of Christians being succesful in life, but there is more to the Word of God than just prosperity.

    This is, as we begin a new year, WHY I think that it is so very important for us today to STUDY THE TOTAL Word of God.

  2. You are so right Major. I did come to this forum with more than one agenda.
    1) to increase MRSA awareness
    2) to seek as much support in prayer for my daughter and others like her
    3) I guess is a selfish agenda; Because of the invasive nature of my MRSA infection, it is better that I no longer attend church. But I still need this contact with fellow Christians
  3. I hope that you will find peace and fellowship and encouragement. Be strong my brother and know that God is moving and working and you are still in His plan.
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  4. Hi Major,

    I agree, we all have an agenda and this in my opinion is built up on our world view or "noetic" structure. We are all a product of our experiences through life and we base our beliefs of what we percieve to be true from what we have experienced and been taught.

    One thing I find amazing is that over time my world view has changed, and it has changed through knowing God. Jesus is the truth - His very exisitence and being is truth and when we spend time with Him we begin to know and experience the truth and this truth gets embedded deep within us and starts to change our "noetic" structure.

    Many people use scripture to suit their agenda but I want to suggest this, before we use scripture to suit our agenda's we should study that portion of scripture correctly and take time to apply that scripture to our own lives. Our agenda will change to that of God's agenda.
  5. Exactly correct Kevin.

    We must conform to what God says and not the other way around.
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  6. @davelou Good luck with your MRSA, I'll pray for you. That one can be nasty.

    To develop a strong immunity you need to take a (I hate to use the term) holistic approach.
    Good diet, exercise (outside preferably), good attitude (stress will kill you), and mental exercise (read something worthwhile). An all around approach to health produces much better results.
    Also, if practical , avoid any prescribed medications that are not absolutely necessary. Modern medicine is a mish mash of science and quackery, and often the quackery pays better.

    When I came out of my cancer treatments, my docs told me I'd be immuno suppressed for the rest of my life. Luckily for me it hasn't been the case, and I'm as healthy as I'm allowed to be.
  7. I have agendas of which I am fully aware and then I have agendas that operate in my subconscious. I have certain biases, some I don't even know about.
  8. Our own sinful nature is what makes this so difficult. Seeing ourself, others, and God Himself through a glass darkly.
  9. I am glad to hear that you are well after cancer treatments. God blessings to you and my prayers are for you!
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  10. I am a very imperfect person but my agenda is to love the Lord our God with all my heart and my neighbor as myself.
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  11. And nothing could be better than that my friend.
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