What is the spiritual meaning of "one-flesh?"

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  1. What is the spiritual meaning of "one-flesh?"

    I want to know what exactly is meant by man and wife are to become one-flesh? I don't mean in a physical way, but in a spiritual way.

    I asked my father and he thought that it means one-accord, agreeing all the time etc. I disagree with that. I gave the example that being one-flesh doesn't mean one always has to agree on everything or even think the same. That is not what makes someone one-flesh to me. To me, being one-flesh is about submitting to God as two unique individuals who makes a covenant to come together and honor God by building a Godly household, one that will serve him and stand together at the light in a world of darkness. I believe it means cherishing the feelings, emotions and life and protecting one another. I believe it means ultimately building up a stronger faith and household in Christ in order to lead others by example toward Christ. What do you think one-flesh means to God in a spiritual sense?
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  2. Littleone - your thoughts are correct. In the original Hebrew language, that 'one flesh' term is a descriptor of a concept of love for each other and for God as well as a bonding and dedication based upon that love.
  3. I have had similar disagreements with my dad but revisiting the discussion him was a blessing and we did arrive at a common ground for learning, building and lifting up for the Lord's glory.

    The covenant and bond strengthens through the years of processing the disagreements, difference of individual thought and decisions made in a marriage. 10 years ago my wife and I would finish our daily devotions, thanking God for being our God and bringing us together as one by His design. Then we would have a heated discussion about what color the new curtains are going to be in the living room or my desire to drive a truck instead of her wanting a 4 door family car.

    Ten years today, she chooses the color because 5 minutes later I'll forget about it. Later I see how beautiful the living room is because of her choice and let her know it. We are driving the 4 door family car because it turned out more economical for our family affairs than my driving a truck with a back seat cabin, a Bowes stereo, 4 wheel drive, (sob) and leather bucket seats. We both agree how God's traveling mercies allowed us to serve Him. Perhaps the truck may not have been practical for our family.

    See? The Lord put balance in our lives. She got what she wanted, I submitted and we have peace. hmmm. I need to rethink this.

    Seriously, when we peel off the stuff in our daily lives and realize all we need is the Lord in our marriage and daily study of His Word, he prepares us to handle our home behind closed doors by acceptance, bearing and patience of one another, thus, a representation of Christ.

    Your brother in Christ Jesus.
  4. You may find this to be a somewhat random scripture reference, but I believe it addresses your question.

    1Cr 6:15 Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make [them] the members of an harlot? God forbid.
    1Cr 6:16 What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.
    1Cr 6:17 But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.

    We are one spirit with the LORD, but with our wives, we are one flesh. We become one body. In the Garden, God made the one "two", so that the two can become "one" again. It is a physical connection-- something we can even have with a harlot. Not to cheapen the term, but rather, to cast light on it. It is a physical union. The use of the term, as it relates to marriage, is a much more intimate connection, however, do to the words, "what God has joined, let no man put asunder." But it should be noted that God takes the physical intimate union of male and female very seriously.

    May second point would be: marriage is until death do we part. There is no marriage in heaven. Thus, this union dissolves upon death.

    Mat 22:30 For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

    Now that is not to say that we do not share a spiritual bond with our spouse. He or she, is also part of the body of Christ-- one spiritual flesh. It is through Christ that we have true communion with our spouse.

    John Michael Hileman
  5. The phrase "one-flesh" was an ancient near-eastern idiomatic phrase that simply means "family". If a person is of my flesh, they are part of my family. When a man takes a woman as his wife, he makes her part of his family and he becomes part of her family - emotionally, psychologically, and legally. In 1 Cor.6 Paul is using everything he can to encourage his brothers in Christ to stop going to the Temple of Aphrodite which had at one time over 1000 temple priestess-prostitutes. These brothers in Christ were not only giving into sexual immorality, they were participating in occultic sexual "worship" practices. Paul is speaking in hyperbole, overstatement, when he says that they are taking the family of God and joining it with the family of Satan; he does this to help them understand just how serious their participation in such occultic practices were.
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  6. "To me, being one-flesh is about submitting to God as two unique individuals who makes a covenant to come together and honor God by building a Godly household,
    one that will serve him and stand together at the light in a world of darkness."

    I very much agree with you that this is one part of being One Flesh. As some of the other comments have pointed out, the first time God used this term was in the garden of Eden. He used it to describe marriage. I believe that One Flesh"ness" is a process of a man and wife coming together in a fullness as God intended marriage to be. This has elements of spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy all intertwined together. Yes as Sherman said we know that an element of being One Flesh is the sexual union that occurs. Again this reflects back what God's intent in marriage was to be, with one man and one woman together forever. Having any physical union with a prostitute is defiling this One Flesh marriage union.

    As I've learned in my marriage having One Flesh relationship is not automatic. It is a process of intentionally nurturing intimacy and giving grace!

    God Bless,
  7. when two of you gets married infront of the altar, God is also married with you

    the three becomes one flesh

    Jesus goes in the middle =)
  8. Becoming ONE is correlated to being HOLY. Being separated from the world and being ONE in God.

    Jesus prayed that we may be ONE. One in purpose!

    In a marriage union, husband and wife reflect their faith in Christ. The believing wife does that by submitting in love to her husband and the believing husband does it by loving his wife in the same way as Christ loved the church. Their lives are their witness to Christ. And they are ONE in testimony and witness about Jesus and both work in union to glorify and share Jesus.

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