What is the Agenda of ISIS???

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  1. In a recent article it was said that ISIS is doing all of these terrible killings in an effort to draw the USA into a battle with them in a city named Dabiq, Syria.

    The author says that they believe they are part of the Apocalypse. They believe that they are fulfilling an ancient prophecy to bring about the end of days. They believe that there will be a great battle between Islam and the west in which Islam will be victorious. So they feel justified in doing whatever atrocious acts are needed to bring about that end.

    Their ideology is that of an apocalyptic cult that believes that we are living in the end times and that ISIS' actions are hastening the moment when this will happen.

    WHY Dabiq???? The Syrian town of Dabiq is where the Prophet Mohammed is supposed to have predicted that the armies of Islam and "Rome" would meet for the final battle that will precede the end of time and the triumph of true Islam.

    We spend a lot of time here on CFS debating and discussing the 2nd Coming of Christ but now we can see that others are actually working to make it happen.

    Any thoughts?????
  2. To rid the world of all infidels <<< Just if you are curious that is you and me and every other nonmuslim.......... genocide!
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  3. Indeed. I certainly disagree that Islam is the light at the end of the path.
    I don't understand why all religions can't live in harmony.
    I find that Islam tries to trash talk other religions in the hope that they prosper.
    We are saved but those others aren't.

    It's clear to me that the terrible acts that ISIS perform are against their own religion.
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  4. If they did Jesus would have been wrong.........

    John 15:18-19 (NASB)
    Disciples’ Relation to the World

    18 “If the world hates you, as you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. 19 If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you.
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  5. Interesting.. I was talking with some of my non-believing colleagues at work.. It was at the time ISIS beheaded Jordanian pilot.. And attacks on France and Belgium were fresh in everyone's mind.. So they were saying, who can bring a solution to this? We had Al Qaeda.. Now ISIS.. Clearly these Islamic factions are going to keep on coming up.. It is not ISIS or Al Qaeda.. The problem is within the beliefs itself.. They simply want to eradicate Christians and Muslims.. The whole unbelieving world is starting to see that the issue is not just political or about a piece of land.. It is far more than that.. One guy commented, even if all world leaders come to table, they cannot come up with a solution.. We someone beyond to bring this to control.. To bring some solution.. Military action is not going to resolve.. The problem of religion has to be resolved. The world is starting to see this.. All the while I was saying in my mind, yes, anti christ will come and deceive everyone with false peace.. I believe the stage is being firmly set for grand (or not so grand) entrance of anti-christ..

    And we can look up to heaven.. As our redemption is near :D
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  6. They "Islam" does believe in peace, but only after all the "infedels" are dead.
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  7. I do not believe ISIS represents Islam as a whole. I do not even think that the majority of Islamic adherants properly represent it as Mohammed would have them.
    Christianity (people that identified themselves as believers even though they may not have put faith into practice) has had some pretty dark times. Various inquisitions, the crusades, burning witches, etc.

    Without suggesting that a faithful Islamic follower has been reconciled to God, I would not condem Islam in a blanket manner as being fundamentaly intolerant.
  8. Greetings:
    Seems to me that God is protecting Israel by having the locals Satanist go mad and kill each other.Since
    depravity is the natural state of unregenerate man,God is not tampering with their mind.

  9. Here is my thoughts..... part of your answer is in what you said.... The Syrian town of Dabiq is where the Prophet Mohammed is supposed to have predicted that the armies of Islam and "Rome" would meet for the final battle that will precede the end of time and the triumph of true Islam.....

    I agree with others about genocide of anyone not of their faith. And the fact that it is "people" not God who are trying to get prophecies to come to pass, because they think that their god is right. They have something to prove.

    Something to remember that this is utterly been going on for century's between the descendants of Ishmael, and Issac. This has been going on since the two were brothers.

    In my opinion, and what i get from praying, this is just a scare tactic of the devil. He is trying to get people to concentrate on these things to divert their attention. The Body of Christ needs to rise up and rebuke this from coming to america, pray for them to be disbanded, and pray for protection over our brothers and sisters in Christ everywhere, and Put this demonic force under the authority of Christ!

    The Word says that in the end times there will be wars and rumors of wars. Nothing to be afraid of when God is your source of Protection, according to ps 91. This is the time to be settled in who our source of protection is, and what that means to us. Do we believe the Word of God or do we believe someone else's interpretation of it? Time to Choose life, not death! Time for the Body of Christ to take it's rightful place of authority over the evil of this world.
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  10. I agree, this is a battle that can only be won on our knees! This is a spiritual battle
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  11. I find a big "disconnect" between what Jesus Christ is expecting from us and what we are expecting from him. Jesus is expecting his "enemies" to be made his foot stool, and the only thing the Church is doing is waiting for Jesus to come back to get us. I thought we are supposing to make Jesus enemies his foot stool, since we are his body. When was the last time anyone stood up and commanded the powers of darkness to cease it operations against the Church? Are not all the angels of God of sent forth to minster for those who are heirs of salvation. Do they not hearken and do the voice of God which proceeds from the Word that comes out of the Church?

    Heb 10:12 But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God;
    Heb 10:13 From henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool.

    Heb 1:13 And to which of the angels has he ever said, "Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet"?
    Heb 1:14 Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?

    Psa 103:20 Bless the LORD, O you his angels, you mighty ones who do his word, obeying the voice of his word!

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  12. It's why I'm in Brussels, the head of the EU and NATO. I am waging spiritual warfare. When I leave in September, things will change.
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  13. What is the origin of the ISIS acronym? For the answer, watch this 2-minute CSPAN clip from the year 1990.
  14. Indeed; can't go far wrong there. :)
  15. Now that is exactly right!!!!
  16. Basically that site claims that ISIS is an Israeli funded organization. I checked several "Fact check" sites and none of them verified that claim.

    It seems to me that would be a really easy thing to prove if it was correct so I am rejecting the comments of those book authors and basing their ideology on the hatred of the Jews or maybe to promote selling more books by causing a conspiracy motive.
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  17. This is supposed to be happening right now.

    Ok, it happened. Obama has officially petitioned congress to approve a war on ISIS. CUTE.

    A heartfelt message to Obama: Please send the police to arrest everyone at https://public.isishq.com/public/SitePages/Home.aspx They are just down the street from you in Washington DC, and are running this scam. They changed their company name to SIS, however, their domain still has the original ISIS domain name and I have the following capture of their site (see jpg below).

    You can view their new look here.

    ISIS original site.jpg ISIS name change.jpg ISIS original site.jpg
  18. So.....1st it was the nation of Israel who was to blame and they fund ISIS.

    NOW it is our own government who is doing it????

    Have you ever heard of the term......"Conspiracy"???
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  19. With Jesse Ventura
  20. I think the agenda of isis/isil is to try and revive the caliphate.
    What I don't believe is that there agenda is to hasten the 'end' of the world or the second advent of Christ.
    That will happen according to the Father's timetable not Satan's.
    They might unwittingly be pawns in the 'end times' plan, but in the meantime they are just enjoying being butchers with no awareness of eternal accountability for murder.
    A decisive battle that rids the world of infidels would rob them of the excuse to rape, pillage and murder...they wouldn't want that.

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