What is Sin

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  1. What is Sin

    We ask what is sin and how does it begin.
    Does it come from without or begin from within?
    Well, sin is much more than an act or a deed,
    More than false witness or avarice or greed,
    More than adultery or killing or stealing.
    Sin starts with a thought or an unworthy feeling
    Long before it becomes an act, word, or deed.
    For it grows deep within like a poisonous weed.
    It's something we nurture and then cultivate
    By conjuring up evils we then imitate,
    And the longer we dwell on this evil within
    The greater our urge and desire to sin
    And the less our restraint of unwholesome sensations
    To deny to our bodies full gratification...
    And the more that we sin the less we detect
    That in sinning we lose our own self-respect,
    And slowly we sink to a still lower level
    Until we become mere dupes of the devil,
    For sin is so subtle, and it slips in with ease,
    And it gets a firm hold where we do as we please...
    So ask God to help you to conquer desire
    Aroused by the thoughts that have set your afire,
    And remember, in sinning there is no lasting joy.
    For all sin can do is degrade and destroy.

    Helen Steiner Rice

  2. Sin to me is when you go against the Word of God, as you are being disobediant to God.
    God says that we are to obey His commands and if we don't that is called sin.

    I'm back 4 awhile

    Raymond xo
  3. Sin is putting your will over God's will in any area.

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