What Is Salvation?

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  1. Salvation is deliverance from a life of sin and rebirth into Christ’s life. While life of sin leads to death, life in Christ is eternal. It is a life of unconditional love which forgives unconditionally and is rich in mercy. Furthermore, it is a life totally surrendered to the will of God.

    In Christ, who is God became man; we see the true reality of God. Christ willingly suffered humiliation, extreme pain and death; so that, we, who betrayed and were unfaithful to him may receive salvation. In this he showed us the depth of his love and his infinite mercy. His expression of love for us imprints his spirit of love on our heart. Those who open their heart to God accept this spirit. This enables them to unconditionally love and forgive others, be humble and charitable, and compensate for the offenses of those who hurt and betray them.
  2. I like that you asked the question and posted the aspects of living in Christ. I would like add-if you don't mind- the eternal aspect to your post that unbelievers and new Christians need to know as there foundation for accepting and living in Christ.

    1: What are we being saved from? An eternity separated from God in Hell because of sin.
    2: Why we need a savior in Jesus Christ? Because there is no other way-it is not humanly possible for us to create our own salvation from hell through works, idol worship, church attendance, giving and a multitude of other man-made doctrines.

    Your brother in Christ...
  3. Agreed! We are saved FROM something TO something!!!!!

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