What is "Rep Power"

Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by revlynn, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. What is "Rep Power"

    I have been with CFS for about a month now, and notice that I have now acquired a "rep power" of 1. That's nice, but what is it, and what do I do with it??


  2. When you get ten of them, you take them to Bo and he'll give you day-old danish.;)

    It just shows that you've made an impression with someone, my friend. You can give rep out as well.:)
  3. Depends on how it is set up...... it also could be based on longevity and post count.
  4. No here it works as whirlwind explained.
  5. Darn. I was hoping mine would rise the longer I was here and the more I posted. ;) At the rate I'm going, I will always have a 1 rep power. So far, only 2 people upped my rep, and 1 person downed it. I'm almost back at even.

    Since the rep system here is based solely on who clicks to give you rep, then I have a question about how that part is set up...... Is it set up that all clicks have equal weight regardless of who clicks your rep, or is it set up that those with higher rep power also give more weight when upping your rep? So..... if Boanerges were to up my rep and Revlynn upped it, is the system set up to give both equal weight, or would I get more from Boanerges since his rep power is higher?
  6. You would get 1 whoever gave it to you.
  7. Actually you also get 1 point per thousand posts.
  8. <_<


    *Steals rep points and runs away laughing maniacally*
  9. Oh, good! So, there IS hope for me yet. :)
  10. CFS was given that system as part of the forum software and while it is nice to see persons crediting you with making good solid comments, we do not wish to see persons abusing the system by just posting randomly to see the Rep count go up. That Rep feature at CFS should not be a focus of persons... but the posting of fellowshipping, sharing and friendly commentary is what we should all strive for here, to continue to make CFS the friendly Christian sanctuary that it is. May God bless.
  11. Yes, and there is also the option to disable it completely on vBulletin. Also are options to set it up in a number of ways.

    You don't have to worry about that from me. ;) I make very few random "fluff" posts.

    I agree. Personally, I like the rep system purely as a means of giving personal comments on posts and encouragement, rather than sending a PM or posting. The way that it is set up at this forum limits my ability to use it in this manner because I must "spread my rep." I end up giving people a whole lot less comments than I normally would otherwise.

    I understand why forums set it up so that members must spread rep, because otherwise some people abuse the system just to give others lots of points. I also dislike the ability to give negative rep (which also can be disabled). I dislike it because people abuse it more often than not. I am not one to give out negative rep no matter how much I disagree with a person or dislike them, and I find it childish when someone gives me a negative rep simply because they dislike me.

    Anyhow, I don't expect a forum to change the set up of their rep system to my liking. I honestly don't care about rep. :) Some forums also give members the option to hide their rep (don't know if we have the option here or not. I haven't bothered to check.) It is nice to know how it is set up though.
  12. Negative rep...oooo...that makes me feel all stabby!!!

    Rooster: Calm down


    Donkey: I hate when he gets like this

    Rooster: You arn't the one that got plucked clean last time.
  13. I have to say I do not think that is what our membership is here for.
  14. That brings up an interesting thought, though. Should more on this be posted in the moderator's section?

    Breath...when you're wandering around in the forum and you read something that just touches your heart and makes your light glow, make that known.

    But understand that rep isn't a status symbol. You can't really cash them in with Bo for day-old danish.:eek: Rep doesn't mean that you're not valued as much as any other member. You're important, just for being you, and you're well-loved.

    Rep is a counter. It shows, in the forum, that you've accomplished something with the members. But keep in mind, my little friend, that rep is just that. Reputation. And remember - God is not a respecter of persons. To Him, we're all loveable, okay?

  15. Other than a chance to say something nice to someone it has no real value.
  16. Rep Power is when someone likes your commentary or point of view. When you have made a statement in which a person agrees with you. They add to your reputation by making a request for adding to your reputation. 1 rep is one point in something well said.
  17. Good post, Whirly!:)

  18. Hey Whirlwind - the last time I wuz out huntin possums, I come across somethin that I read that made my 'light glow' -

    It was the Keep Out - Radiation Hazard sign on the fence around the nuclear power plant. :eek:
  19. Then drop them some rep, my friend!:p

    A while back there was an article in the paper...some of the people from my tribe were a bit shocked to find that the fish in their drying sheds were glowing green at night!:eek:

    Some people did a study and said that it was because of the aglae in the water and the people were like: noooo, our fish have never glowed before!

    The fish were caught in the same river where Hanford was.:(

    Anyway - keep grinning, you guys! Makes the world a better place! Whoo-hoo!

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