what is really going on with the refugees situation is Europe?

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  1. sigh.....

    it is a tough issue, i probably won't get into here

    but you are right, people can be too focused on their own survival, they are not paying attention

    I also think in this day of age, people are too brainwashed on the idea of political correctness, that they automatically think and reject any notion of the need to question how getting a group of people who might carry some drastic values might impact on the society

    it also does not help to have irresponsible left wing media who constantly present some facts on the issue while suppress others

    Guardian is one of them, I used to have so much respect for the paper, until I realized they appears not reporting all the facts on this issue ( I have not read every single one of their articles though)
  2. I am not sure, I always thought we should be allowed to post video in any thread, as long the video is not depicting physically graphic violence or something like that

    you might want to check with a moderator on that.
  3. 1. the refugee situation is complicated because the women and children need protection - as they are afforded none in islamic countries

    2. but the muslim men are used to the muslim ways - women and children and non-muslims are to submit to muslim men - men rule in all cases

    3. another complication is the extremist muslim goal is to spread sharia law - they believe Messiah will come only when all the world is living by Sharia law as per #2

    4. non-muslim women are considered prostitutes because they are uncovered - exposed skin and hair is considered extremely unchaste - and a sign of the promiscuity/immorality of the woman

    5. imo most of the men coming in as refugees are doing so with the goal of spreading sharia - and most of the women and children are doing so to escape oppression

    oops - just saw this is a year old
  4. Well, I look at it like this: Europeans killed and kicked out the Jews. God finally sent the Jews home. Europe attacks Israel, boycotts them, and aids their enemies. So God sends Israel's enemies to Europe. Now the Europeans are starting to see what Israel's had to deal with. That's how I see it.
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  5. o wow

    i never saw that until you just said it


    that is soooooo true
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  6. Glory to the Lord!

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