what is really going on with the refugees situation is Europe?

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  2. It's all part of prophecy.

    Matthew 24:7 (KJV)
    For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. ​

    In the Greek, nation is ethnicity and kingdom is a realm or country. There is a huge push to unite, yet there is a great deal of division into ethnic groups.
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  3. It's an invasion by an foreign army.

    Whilst the general population has been disarmed, fattened for slaughter, and programmed to accept the invaders under tolerance, peace, sanctuary, etc...

    The real goal is to exterminate "infidels".

    This process has been implemented in the USA and other countries as well. It is a long complicated process disguised in politics, the education system, economics, etc...
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  4. this whole thing is just hopeless

    the media is suppose to be neutral agent that reports the facts, not what they want people to know

    this is the first time I realized that left wing media is just as bad as right wing media

    I think the plight of Syrian refugees is very very real, and something definitely need to be done about it

    but the problem, it appears, is that you can not have it both ways, it seems that you help one, you ended hurting others.

    and like you said, this whole thing is only going to lead to conflict long term and end up in tears.......

    I don't understand why western countries can not negotiate some kind deals with other Arab countries who are currently stable, like Turkey or even American Allies like Jordan to take the refugees in, and subsidize those countries with financial aid......

    it would seem to be a better solutions, as I imagine there would be less potential conflicts if the refugees were to go to other countries who shares their faith in Islam and share more of their values.....

    why does liberals in Western countries always have act like a hero, jumping in and try to save day by getting a large number of people who are of very different values and beliefs into their countries.....

    In all fairness, I can see things from the refugee's perspective, if I were to grow in a country that practice a more fundamental form of Islam, I don't think I would be very happy with European way of seeing things, plus, from what I understand, there has always been discrimination against Muslim community in Europe, even those second or third generation ones who are able to speak the local language fluently are having difficulties accessing better opportunities, as result, there are a lot resentment.....

    it is just a recipe for disaster......
  5. I would agree all that is transpiring now is part of prophecy.
    Otherwise who can make sense of it?
    Why would western countries import emigrants from terrorized middle eastern regions instead of calling on those in the middle east to take care of their own? Or, establishing safe zones so that indigenous tribes can remain safe in their own homeland. While their enemies, ISIS, is exterminated.
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  6. yeah, I guess it is inevitable...

    that is why I admire Franklin Graham, he is going something to fight against the trend, maybe he won't succeed much, but hopefully, it will slows the trend down a bit.....
  7. Actually, they do:
    By the end of August 2014, the UN estimates 6.5 million people have been displaced within Syria, while more than 3 million had fled to countries such as Lebanon (1.14 million), Jordan (608,000) and Turkey (815,000). Wikipedia

    Did you know that Israel wants Assad to remain in power? Better to know the enemy than the radicals that only live to die. I think the imminent collapse of the EU as a unified power is also to focus on the real end-time players: the Middle East.
  8. World leaders knew there would be a refugee crisis. These leaders could have made available proper refugee settlements.

    Syrian youths and women fleeing to Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon are at risk of repeated sexual exploitation.

    Soha's experience being tortured for 8 years in Lebanon as a sex trafficking victim could have been prevented had there been upscale refugee settlements. I will not link to her story, as it is very graphic.

    This report is slightly informative. Sex Trafficking And Hidden War On Women: The Neglected Phenomenon Of Syrian Civil War
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  9. Have you attended his gathering in your State?

    I missed the one in mine due to work.

    The refugee situation isn't getting any better in Europe. There was a recent report about gangs of men assaulting women in Sweden just recently. Then police scrubbed the first report profiling the attackers and claiming it wasn't fair. And that the reports should be looked at on a case by case basis.
    My question being, how many individual cases of women's assaults by gangs of refugee men do you need before you identify one group of men doing the evil by the name they give themselves. And in some cases are willing to die for? :(

    Swedish police backtrack on refugee groping claim

    Published: 05 Jul 2016 14:06 GMT+02:00
  10. thanks, I did not know that.

    I didn't realize Israel wants Assad to stay in power.......

    I know many Christians seem to be on the side of Israel when it comes to the conflicts in the middle east.....

    this whole thing is just a mess....
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  11. in that case, I think the settlement in Europe should only be temporary, and they should be asked to go back if and once Syria is stabled

    obviously sexual exploitation is unacceptable.....

    but is situation in Europe any better?

    I mean, if you look at the link that has just been fixed, it stated right now Sweden has 55 no go zones where police has to escort ambulances to ensure their safety.

    I have heard this same thing about Paris

    not to mention the Cologne attack on new years eve


    I find it scary that many of the 73 are identified as in the refugee category, I find it even scarier that liberal media seem to want to suppress the truth......


    I don't where you are right now, but I won't want this kind of situation happen in New Zealand....

    This is not a race issue at all....

    This is a belief and cultural value issue.......

    it is unrealistic to expect most people to just drop their religious values and hatred against another race groups once they arrived in Western Countries, in mine opinion.....

    I still think they should be helped, but settle them permanently in Europe or other Christian countries are not good idea.....

    this is another article on raising Anti-Semitism in Malmo

  12. no unfortunately, I am from New Zealand, and as far as I am aware of, Franklin Graham does not have scheduled speaking engagements in this part of the world.....

    but I think what he is saying applies to us as well, because we also take in Syrian Refugees (many Kiwis think we should expand the quota), we also have immigrants from countries that practice a more fundamental form of Islam.....

    Not only that, many New Zealanders does not seem to have a good understanding of what is going on in Europe right now.....
  13. anyway, just reading this article


    Franklin Graham suggested this

    "Graham is urging the U.S. to establish safe havens within Syria for those fleeing the violence. "This would allow Syrians fleeing from areas of conflict inside the country to find safety, food, medicine, and shelter, and stay within their borders, nearer their homes, until a political and military settlement has been reached," he said. He added that most refugees he has worked with want to stay in their homeland, rather than find a new home elsewhere. "As we have all seen, fleeing to another country adds great risk to their lives and exposes the refugees to exploitation by unscrupulous people who deal in human trafficking.""

    This is pretty much along the lines that SWolves has suggested
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    One thing we forget when we look into situations like this is history and things that are different now than then....

    Islam is a state religion in most middle eastern and Asian nations where it is practiced by the majority.

    We forget that the institutional atheism of western nations doesn't have an answer to religion... They have no idea what to do with nominally religious people of a different belief.

    In the past - they would just have sent the church out to evangelize folks - and within a generation or 3 - they are Christian Europeans that are nominally a bit darker skinned..... Now - they won't do that out of hate for the church.... Blaming WWI and WWII solidly on the church - not on the governments.

    The ethnic ghetto is nothing new. What is new is no church to evangelize these people from different places.

  15. I do not favor open borders in Europe at all. I prefer secure borders.

    Sunni Muslim leaders and Shia Muslim leaders have more than enough wealth to aid Syrian refugees. Before the Syrian Civil War began, these leaders could have set up upscale refugee settlements in an area close to Syria, with proper, ethical, security protocols to prevent human trafficking and crime. Sunni Muslim leaders and Shia Muslim leaders refused to prevent a refugee crisis.

    This time in Syria, world leaders refused to prevent a refugee crisis.

    I have also read about high rape incidents in Europe from African, Syrian and other migrants/refugees for some time now. The Moroccan street gangs in Sweden comprised of 9-year olds, sharia finance, sharia law, native residents losing their own homes to accommodate migrants, special treatment
    for migrants, etc. Native residents are at risk of losing their heritage and culture. Period.

    What about the migrants from Africa? Unless deported, most likely they will stay. And some 300,000 migrants from sub-saharah Africa are expected to arrive in italy at some future date.

    Asylum seekers wanted refuge from sharia law and persecution. Just as women and girls face gender based violence in the form of honor killings, which is becoming more frequent in Syria, men and boys may become victims of honor killings. A report I read specifically focused on male honor killings primarily in Pakistan.

    When special treatment is extended to mass groups of people who refuse to assimilate to others' civil goodwill, native residents and asylum seekers are at risk of losing liberties and social connections.
  16. so how can you be sure those asylum seekers would not harbor some of the same values?

    many of them are from the same fundamental Islam culture aren't they?
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  17. I can not be 100 percent sure. Some may have goodwill similar to that which Aitzaz Hasan Bangash Shaheed demonstrated before his death. Some do not.

    Side question. How do you pronounce your username?
  18. yeah......

    that is a tough one

    there is no way to screen this type of thing

    I read the link you posted, it seems Jordan can be a dangerous for female refugees on their own, but in Turkey's case it seem more to do illegal trafficking,. Anyway, isn't Turkey one of those countries where they practice a more moderate version of Islam.

    One of the female asylum seeker did say that Turkish men pay more attention to them.....

    but I don't know, I think refugees and asylum seekers are dying to get into Europe mainly for safety, but also because Europe, especially countries like Sweden are known to be generous welfare state, so it is hard for me to know if that female asylum seeker's description of Turkey maybe a little bit exaggerated.

    either way, i think each country are responsible for the safety and well being of their own citizens first.

    if there is no practical of screening in matters like this

    I think other avenues need to be explored before they are allowed to come into Europe

    I personally would not want them in New Zealand for the concern of potential issues they may cause somewhere down the line.

    btw my username is pronounced fu jing we in Mandarin.
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  19. That's a real shame that they don't. Life though can keep people so occupied with their own survival that that just happens to be the way things happen. Too busy to pay attention. Unfortunately that's what allows the motorcade of change for the worst to roll in and roll over liberties.

    London for instance. London Englanders if you are to believe it elected their first Muslim Mayor. Why would they do that? To appear ecumenical? Tolerant of all faiths? To appear inviting of the many new refugees coming into the country?

    Meanwhile, the new female conservative prime minister of England and former Home Secretary Theresa May took office just days ago. And previously in her other post as Home Secretary said that many Britons have benefited from Sharia law.

    Keep that in mind as you recall, the new Conservative PM of Britain praised Sharia. London elected for the first time in its history a Muslim Mayor.
    And now this: July 13, 2016
    Wolf whistling to be classed as a 'hate crime'

    This new law in place to align with GB's current hate crime definitions? I whistle at a woman, or I say, you're gorgeous, out loud. That's a hate crime? Or does it sound more like a law enforcement that aligns with the edicts in the Quran concerning women? And their manner of dress so as to avoid tempting men to lust?

    UK Law - What Is Hate Crime?
    Hate crimes are any crimes that are targeted at a person because of hostility or prejudice towards that person’s:
    • disability​
    • race or ethnicity​
    • religion or belief​
    • sexual orientation​
    • transgender identity​

    This can be committed against a person or property.

    A victim does not have to be a member of the group at which the hostility is targeted. In fact, anyone could be a victim of a hate crime.

    More information on the different forms of hate crime can be found by clicking on the Navigation Menu on the left-hand side of your screen. You can also see our definition of hate crime on the Hate Crime Data page of this website (opens in new window).

  20. How are the rules here for posting a video in a thread? Allowed? Or is there a separate section? I ask prior to seeking out an answer for myself. :)

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