What Is One Of The Life-long Lessons God Has Been Trying To Teach You - And You Finally Get It?

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  1. Well if I was to say what I have come to learn in all my life so far, it would be freedom.
  2. Since I become a Christian, I never could turn away from certain bad habits. On my fortieth birthday during the time I was diagnosed with depression, I discovered true faith in Jesus. I question it and found an answer in the twelve spies that sent to Canaan who fixed the landmark of their lives by their confession. Ten of them said:"We can't do it" They believe they could not, therefore, they could not. Israel accepted the majority report and subsequently wandered forty more years in the wilderness. It took me 40 years to realize that all is possible through Jesus and not to stand on your own understanding or those who said you can not do it, it is not you. It is four years later, and never did I looked back to the things I used to do. All the bad habits are gone and now I am living a new life in Christ Jesus.

    God Bless
  3. Hi there Jacoj: Good to read your testimony about walking with the Lord. I think that daily prayer and Bible reading in dependence on the Lord is a great context for walking with Him day by day. Blessings.
  4. Not sure really. A lot of years ago something happened that moved me from atheism to believing that compared to humans mighty powers good and bad exist. I was also convinced that Jesus is the Son of God. The messes that have followed in later life I don't understand (although I can see I've not always helped myself)
  5. Yes, well John 16:13 says to believers that the Holy Spirit 'shall guide you into all truth'.
  6. So how does one let oneself be guided?
  7. By a prayerful attitude and a diligent, regular reading of Scripture.
  8. "don't hate yourself"
  9. To not be led by feelings....... still learning that
  10. Probably the most difficult to me is that you can be wrong. I find it quite easy to be an expert analyst on God's fairness to me for example. OK, there is plenty I don't understand and plenty that hurts but is my brain really bigger than His?

    Similar to you Pancakes, still trying to learn.
  11. That everyone carries a cross and that I need to try to be kinder than necessary, for everyone is fighting some type of battle. Sometimes, hard to do, but Jesus never said it'd be easy. :cool:
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  12. I really like your point of view. To work on getting better is the goal of life. God makes us realize where we are wrong. Along getting experiences in life.
  13. God has to remind me daily to fill my heart and soul up with Jesus Christ so there is no room for the Devil to enter...:)
  14. All my life it's been a struggle between Good and Evil...I choose Good !!!
  15. Material possession, greed, corruption, humility, and coveting.

    I have/own almost nothing. I've lost everything I had several times. Now I have some clothes, a bible, some inspirational literature, some hygiene items. My connection here is thru a little notebook pc that a friend lets me use. I actually don't even own a mirror intentionally because He, YHWH, is still working with me on vanity.

    I used to have a great career. Making lots of money and driving a brand new truck. Now I can't even drive legally, and I only do so in extreme emergency situations. Part of my lesson learned with losing my career was corruption, and how once you start corrupt business practices, corruptions breeds comfortability*, which escalates the corruption.

    Now I eke out the simplest of lifestyles. Sometimes even going w/o eating a day, or maybe two. Please don't think I share this in any attempt for pity. I am content for the most part. And you know what is strange? I still find people, usually non-believers, that envy me. Now that's another 'biggy', envy and jealousy, the two main emotions that I find to be the ugliest. Wow! Watch out for those 'serious big time'.

    So all that ^^^ has made me happy with what I have and very careful with the choices I make, especially with those I choose to associate with, and you see where I am now.....here with you, God.
  17. Mine is, I'm not the one in control, God is! I believe that when our time comes to go home and be with the Lord, we aren't given a choice or say in how go, we just go! how we come in and how we go out, are in God's hands and not mine. I had a brother die in a way that defied human logic.
  18. First, welcome to the forum Terri. I'm glad you could join us.

    Second, I appreciate your response, and it is very thought provoking.

    Third, I'm sorry to hear about your brother, and I hope and pray you will meet up with him in the coming Kingdom.

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