What Is In This Photograph? Something Amazing...

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  1. Greetings everyone, and thanks for taking the time to check out my photograph.

    I took this picture in South Dakota in 2007. The item in the photo was not visible to my naked eye nor through the camera viewfinder when it was taken, only days after I returned home to view my travel photos did I realize what I captured. I took four photos of the sunrise that morning, the other three pictures do not contain anything out of the ordinary.

    My camera was a digital Canon Rebel XT 8mb. Exposure was 1/8th of a second and in this particular photo the flash was used (on accident actually; the camera was still set on auto from the night before).

    After receiving this gift, something told me not to plaster it all over the internet; at that time it was meant for myself and inevitably the people who I showed it to over the years. Regardless of what you may perceive to be in the picture - it has changed lives.

    A couple months ago, for reasons I'm sure that will come out in this thread eventually (provided there is interest) I decided to draw my interpretation of what I saw. I ran this photo through filters and changed colors and hue settings and have subsequently been shown some things within -which I am presently working to make public. However, along the way I felt the need to introduce this photo to those who have faith, so I'm kickin it up a notch. [​IMG] My thoughts were perhaps at an online forum I could run into people who may have some experience with photographs and things of this nature.

    Thanks again for taking the time to give it a looking over, and for responding to this post if you do.



    P.S. for the record, this image has not been manipulated in any way (other than perhaps contrast enhancement). It is not something I created, only captured.
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  2. Well, you could mention that you seem to have also 'watermarked' it and added text:) .

    Do you have a 'RAW' image from the camera? or even the original Jpeg or Tiff output?
    You might like to petition Jeff or one of the other administrators to lift the image file and e-mail it to me at my e-mail address. I would like to examine the image structure using image processing software.
    That said, is it at all possible that the flash has been reflected from a near to the lens object such as a chrome watch band or similar highly reflective object just out of the camera's field of view?
  3. Hi Calvin, thanks for the interest.

    I have to confess- I did not anticipate this request so early in the game. Nice, I like the way you think. I am an amateur photographer with about 125,000+ digital photos taken in last 11 or so years.

    Re the picture. I was standing at the edge of a parking, strong winds from the west and a below freezing temperature (like 28 or 29 I do believe at 7:30ish a.m.). Nothing in front of the camera lens except space, everything else behind the camera.

    Oh boy do I wish I had my camera set to RAW for this one... but I didn't. What I am going to do is try and upload a slice of the original .jpg image to this page. You can take the piece of misty haze and filter/process it until your heart is content; I really look forward to your discoveries.

    Maybe at this site it won't sound out of context when I say truly, the Lord works in mysterious ways. I'm really not speaking of the picture itself at this point, more like you wanting to see more. I have been searching for a few people to help me... um, what word would best describe it - decode this thing. Upload within next couple hours hopefully.

    Peace ~
  4. Here you go Calvin, let me know what you think.

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  5. Timmy, why did you crop so savagely? There are no edges for edge detection, nothing to go on left in the image.
  6. The best I think I can do is to copy paste the web page image and apply a sobel filter to it.(Not an attractive choice!)
    I gather the image was obtained using a low aperture number and a low shutter speed and tripod mounted. The grass in the foreground is out of focus, the lights in the distance appear over exposed.
    In my opinion, the filtered image artifact appears to be the result of an extremely out of focus light source (reflected or otherwise), moving within the time frame of the exposure.

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  7. Calvin, I uploaded a cropped piece of the original, in its original state directly from the original picture. Did you save that and run it through your filters? (not to insult your intelligence, right clicking on the expanded picture should give you a 'save as' option, wouldn't want to 'save as' the thumbnail). Regardless of what you think you may not see in this piece, it is worthy. You won't find anything in the thumbnail of the whole pic I posted, it has been reduced far too much.

    The grass is out of focus because it was very windy that day.

    In regards to cropping it so savagely, as you so eloquently put it :) is because at this time I am not just giving away this picture, that simple. I will piece it out to those who earn it. The piece I submitted has much inside of it, it is where the wing meets the body; quite interesting once you get into it. Try again and let me know what you find, and for now please try and ignore everything else (the lights, fuzzy grass, etc.) for all of that doesn't really matter.

    What worked for me was 'find lines' and or 'edge detect' (depending on your graphics program). Afterwards the picture was still white, so I slid the 'hue' to a different spectrum and increased the saturation a bit. I'm sure if you keep going you will be successful.

    Thanks bro -
  8. I think I have gone as far as I am prepared to with this Timmy.
    I believe in angels and other 'supernatural' beings. Do they have wings? never having met one personally, I can't be sure. Maybe they do when needed and don't when they are not...who knows.
    As can be seen from the image below, the canon digital rebel will not effectively record the electromagnetic spectrum much beyond that which is visible to the human eye. The Digital Rebel as with other Canon DSLR models has a very efficient IR blocking filter. Standard Cameras do not capture images that lie beyond the human eye's ability to see. Your posted image does not have the appearance of one having been taken with the IR filter removed.
    courtesy of http://ghonis2.ho8.com/rebelmod13.html Gary Honis
  9. Hi Calvin, thanks for the information. :)

    What you are saying is that its impossible for my camera to capture something abnormal?
    Did you process the piece I uploaded? This is just another small sample of what I was able to come up with using a find line filter and changing the hue / saturation a bit. Kind of interesting for a picture of a ?? reflection ?? bug ??

    Interested in your thoughts. Thanks again for the link and info!

  10. Hi Timmy!

    I've often seen photos like this, spirit photography I guess you'd call it. Our cameras and recording devices were meant to document the three-dimensional world. They produce flat 2D images of our 3D world. Can cameras see higher dimensions by accident? Is that what happens when someone sees ghosts or spirit orbs in their photographs? :confused:
  11. Greetings Theo :)

    Spirit photography. I like that. Without trying to sound redundant, I've taken thousands of pictures. I've seen dozens of things within my photographs that were all, eventually - explained. But not this.

    This isn't the only 'Christian' forum I have slid into recently. There are three actually, and Calvin and yourself have been the most respectable people I've encountered (in a Christian forum none-the-less) so far. People accuse me of elevating this photograph, getting myself lost in signs, etc. I'm told that everything I see, I want to see. Ummm, no - quite the contrary. I pretty much refused to believe I was seeing anything for a long time; then it was as if a veil was lifted. I'm not sure what there is to not understand. I'm the same God fearing man I've always been, and I'm curious by nature. God is the Alpha and the Omega, is it so hard to believe that something exists which we cannot understand? lol... I don't think so.

    You pose good questions, and I like the link Calvin posted... it really made me think about my camera's abilities. Whatever this thing is, as I said above, it isn't lint- a reflection- a bug- smoke- etc. For five years I was basically my biggest critic, the devils advocate to coin a phrase; whatever it is - it is something. There is no mistaking that, and that is a fact that I will take to my grave.

    It's good to see people who have an open mind. I almost think its necessary when you believe in God.
    Saint Augustine said
    Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.

    Peace brothers ~

  12. Looks like an Angel to me. I like it :)
  13. I see this all the time at my work. It is a bird that hit a window and dusted it's silhouette on to the window. silhouette-of-an-owl.jpg
  14. Even a wise old Owl needs some sense knocking it to him/her.:cautious::unsure:
  15. LOLOLO is this real???
  16. yes it is real... hehehe poor bird. I know the feeling. haha
  17. Maybe there is still hope for 'the shroud of Turin" then:sneaky:
  18. Calv you're a riot

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