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  1. On doctor's orders?
  2. Polly - it is you who is setting this up.
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  3. Random aside: The US govt. did a study once trying to put a number on the average number of class hours required to become fluent in a second major language with English as a starting point so that they could weigh it in as a cost of developing potential assets. I would have guessed Russian, Mandarin, or Finnish..all of those made the top 10 but Japanese won out as the most difficult language for an English speaker to pick up.
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  4. In my own orders. And then I'll pray and get prayers to get rid of neurological and mental conditions.
  5. I think it is wise for you to be under a doctor's care and to follow his orders, Polly. Pray, too, but make sure you have the benefit of the advice and care of a physician who has knowledge of your condition.
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  6. Polly, the Lord would tell you to stand on his word and resist the devil and he will flee. cast down everything thing
    that opposes against God, and put on the armor of God.
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  7. Polly, God's spirit is nothing to mess with... your eternal destination is on the line.

    God is not a man that He should repent.

    Read the bible..anything that doesn't match up is not of God.
  8. How was she healed :)
  9. [QUOTE="Polly, post: 347058, member: 12957"Hmm this is weird then. I don't understand that why would a demon answer me when I talk to Jesus in my mind. Demons cannot read minds. Or maybe I am parroting a lot with wishful or fearful thinking.[/QUOTE]

    Im sorry to say this, but thats ..all you polly. Its like you're driving yourself wacky, you have to get a grip if you can... and just trust in God.
  10. She went to the altar and the congregation laid hands on her and her pastor anointed her with oil. Her faith finally took hold after this. In a few weeks the meds were making her sick and her doctor slowly took her off them. She's been med free for one year now. She testified in front of her church two Sundays ago. She'd been hospitalized more times than I can count for suicidal depression and manic behavior before this. Her husband, my closest friend, almost lost his job taking care of her in and out of the hospital. It's been remarkable to see her transformation.
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  11. Wow, absolutely amazing..what church do you go to lol....
    So she doesn't experience the ups and downs anymore? How is she like now ? :)

    This testimony gets a rainbow from me lol
  12. They attend a United Methodist church. She developed the necessary coping skills most of us take for granted. I think it was supernatural honestly. She is more confident, that's the first thing I noticed. She is more involved with other adults instead of all her time being with the kids.
  13. What coping skills? .and thats good she's around other adults...I feel like im at where she was..im just around my family... and keep to myself around people my own age.
  14. She developed the skills to cope with the everyday ups and downs this life is going to have.
    I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” (‭John‬ ‭16‬:‭33‬ NLT)
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  15. My own personal experience/opinion.....

    Demons/devils CAN read your mind - at least in some situations..... I believe they can ALSO speak to your mind in some situations.
    My opinion is that this is why Jesus was not given the full knowledge of God the Father's plan for certain things - such as the rapture....

    Step 1. Do NOT accept everything/anything that pops into your head as either Your own or God's.... TEST THE SPIRITS! Messages must be FULLY 100% consistent with the Scripture - especially with the Word of Jesus. Demonic spirits will NOT confess that Jesus is the Lord - Died in the Flesh and was Resurrected in the Flesh on the third day to sit at the right hand of God the Father. They will try to worm all around... to trick you into this or that....

    IF the "Messages" tend to take you AWAY from a strong belief in your Heart, Mind, and Spirit that Jesus is Lord - that's a bad sign....

    Step 2. Evaluate whether you TRULY believe that Jesus is the Messiah - God in the Flesh... Both in your Heart (emotional self) and in your MIND (Analytical self)....

    MANY people really don't believe in Jesus in their Mind, though their Heart believes.... When they TRULY sit down and let the Analytical Mind Roam - they have doubts like.... Gosh, that's CRAZY that a Man could forgive ME.... It's Absurd that the Infinite God of the Universe would make himself Man.... That some Jewish guy 2,000 years ago was REALLY God himself.... That he is REALLY ALIVE TODAY... In the FLESH....

    MANY people have no problem with the Analytical mind believing - but their Heart is unbelieving.... Unhappy... feels slighted, hurt, or let down because of REPEATED previous experiences.... If there really was a God - HOW could he do this to ME? Why would Jesus REALLY let you live through all that? How could a supposedly Loving God cause me to CONTINUE to suffer.....

    Step 3. Please consider Prayer and Fasting to God. In our Enlightened, Scientific culture - we think of this sort of thing as Old Fashioned, Superstitious Mumbo Jumbo.... It's NOT. God truly honors Fasting and Prayer.

    Step 4. Don't do it all by yourself.... Consider pastoral counseling.... There's nothing quite like the Attacks that just spiral completely out of control on the Christian that is ALL ALONE.....

    Step 5. God has provided us with knowledgeable Doctors to provide medical help. Don't rule this out. A chemical imbalance won't be sorted out by your own introspection.....

  16. I really don't know what to say after reading this; however what I will say is "God will guide you, afterall he has a plan for your life".
    I recommend following doctor's orders in regards to medication.
    May God bless you!
  17. Polly has been gone for some time now :)
  18. She was gone even when she was here.
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  19. I see she was struggling with personal issues, issues I think could have remained private but the Harry Potter references were entertaining.
    Hopefully she has found the help she has been seeking in God. (y)

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