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  1. When I talk to the Lord through my mind, I hear a voice saying something. I sometimes know it is the Holy Spirit talking to me, but if I get a very absurd sentence or word on my mind suddenly after talking on my mind to the Lord, then it's not the Holy Spirit... I fear that someone is living on my brain, mind, and/or body. And yes, I am saved because I did everything to get saved, and I confessed and I admitted that I am a sinner and I know Jesus is my Lord and I even feel his presence of love, and the devils and demons cannot read minds. What if I am having some kind of dissociative identity disorder though if I hear absurd words on my mind? I also tend to "parrot" a lot. "Parroting" means the thing when you ask something and then either from wishful or fearful thinking comes a random word that will either delude you into being fine or make you insecure. And is it also a gift of the Holy Spirit to learn also other countries' languages than just Heavenly language? I am suddenly learning Japanese very quick without any courses.

    The Lord also told me that there is really nothing I can do to completely get rid of demons, not even getting rid of Harry Potter stuff will remove the demons, but He said that the anointing oils are a good idea. The Lord is saying to me "I am so sorry" a lot. Why is He apologizing me so much?

    And I am not talking about the demons. I am only telling what the Lord said to me...
  2. So you have someone living on your brain, you parrot, you are spontaneously learning Japanese, your Harry Potter books are staying, and God is apologizing to you? Did I leave anything out.
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  3. It's good to hear that you are actively praying. As for the question of the apology, I challenge you to search the scriptures and see if God has ever apologized.
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  4. I don't know what is going on. But I meant that the Lord keeps saying "I am sorry" and then He says "there's nothing you can do to get rid of demons"...
  5. Please don't laugh at me.
  6. God would never tell you there wasn't anything you can do to get rid of demons. This is either a demon or you need to take stronger meds. Just stating the truth Polly. Everything you post leads to demons. You are just phrasing your words so you don't say demon. I think it is down right sick that you would change it from demons to God telling you these things. Why would you do that? This post is just like the other ones. If I was a moderator I would lock this thread and tell you to try again.
  7. That wouldn't be Jesus talking. He wouldn't tell you that there is nothing you can do to completely get rid of demons, when He tells us exactly what to do to completely be rid of them. As for anointing oil, it has its purpose, but it does not replace the authority we have in Jesus over these things. For some, it can be a distraction to the real power we have been given, and can become a sort of talisman. Not a good idea. Let someone anoint you who knows about these matters. As for the Lord (who is this "Lord" who is speaking?) saying He is sorry, He wouldn't be apologizing. If it is truly the Lord speaking, your spirit would know immediately that He would be simply joining with you in your misery---as a form of comfort to you, knowing that He is acquainted with all our griefs and sorrows.

    Psalm 139:3 (AMP)
    You sift and search out my path and my lying down, and You are acquainted with all my ways.

    Hebrews 4:15 (NLT)
    This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses, for he faced all of the same testings we do, yet he did not sin.
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  8. Hmmm this is weird then. I don't understand that why would a demon answer me when I talk to Jesus in my mind. Demons cannot read minds. Or maybe I am parroting a lot with wishful or fearful thinking.
  9. Why do you demonize my things so much? Am I really a very evil satanic archvillainess witch? :/
  10. With Lord I always mean Jesus or God.
  11. To HisManySongs or any other staff: Please don't ban me because of this. I am confused, but I think it's very absurd to ban me because of this. I seriously beg you not to ban me... :/
  12. How's the Japanese coming?
  13. Hi Polly. Right, God would never tell us something that goes against what He revealed in Scripture. I don't know if it would be the same for you, but shortly after I was saved I would get thoughts and 'unctions' that I thought or hoped might be God speaking to me.

    Over time I realized they were almost certainly just my own thoughts, because often they did not align with Scripture, or if it was something I thought God was telling me was going to happen, it didn't happen or happened differently than what I thought was being said. Sometimes this same thought or voice instructs me to injure myself or other odd things that obviously can't be from God.

    I too had heard demons couldn't read your thoughts. I'm not sure if some things were Satan or demons putting thoughts into my mind, but it wasn't of God I know that. I don't know why I did this, and I'm not saying it's a good idea, but I would think 'spirit do you confess that Jesus has come in the flesh' and sometimes it would say 'yes of course' and sometimes it would say 'no' two seconds later.

    There are people who say they hear God speak to them audibly or in their thoughts, and God certainly did do that in places in Scripture. I believe God can impress things upon us or give us an 'unction' to do certain things or talk to certain people. I heard a teacher say Scripture is how God likely communicates with us today, since all Scripture is 'God breathed', and the born again believer in Christ is indwelt by the Holy Spirit. If that is the case, it is important to read and study Scripture regularly. Through praying while reading/studying Scripture for me anyway seems to be the most reliable way of hearing from God.
  14. Still learning. :3
  15. I think I developed some strong tulpa illness then. And by tulpa I mean like split personalities, AKA dissociative identity disorder. Or then I am very paranoid from all the stress I experienced since 2012, or I have some parrotnia... :/
  16. Hi Polly. I've wondered some of those things about myself as well. I think you said you were previously a witch, I'm not very familiar with what all that entails but maybe there could be some lingering aftereffects of that which need to heal? I thought I remember seeing in an older post of yours that you eat a very clean diet, organic foods, no processed foods, etc? How long have you eaten that way? I've moved to that type of diet within the last six to eight months and it seems to have been helping quite a bit. My mind is getting clearer and the 'voices' and strange mental things have improved though it still doesn't feel quite 'right'.
  17. Yes and I almost never eat GMOs. And I always avoid Monosodium Glutamate because it kills brain cells. I am starting to get rid of my medication too and I will start using Valerian Root pills to the moments of difficulty.
  18. I tried to learn it years ago when I did martial arts but found it to be too difficult.
  19. I have a close friend who was bipolar, she has been healed. The meds started to make her sick, it was then she knew she'd been healed. She's struggled for years with it. She has been delivered. You will know how you react to meds, and so will your doctors, don't leave them out totally.
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  20. Well, I am lowering my medications. :3

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