What Is God Goal?

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  1. Ruler of all. THE Ultimate Creator.

    HIS name is spelled YHWH. (Ex17:15)

    What is His ultimate* goal?

    Think outside the salvation box.
  2. to ultimately live your life in such a way that you can "face Him" when you see Him.

    (Well done good and faithful servant)
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  3. The bible talks a lot about family. God the Father, Jesus the Son. And Gods followers His children.

    God told adam and eve to subdue the earth.
    We have children.

    Is God trying to reproduce Himself through us?
  4. Did God already try to reproduce Himself with a third of the angels on the earth; with lucifer on the throne here, on earth. Did they have power to create. Did lucifer become corrupt and he corrupted that third of the angels. Could those angels(corrupted) and lucifer created things like the dinosaurs?

    Did things get so ugly that their evilness* brought a darkness, unlike the absence of light, over the earth that God had to flood it just before the book of genesis?
  5. I guess you could say, I have something I call, information constipation. Yes, I am seeking.

    After our lives in this era, will we be spirit beings with power to start life on other planets, and in other galaxcies?
  6. Only God has the power to create life (or anything else).
    The dinosaurs were natural creatures, in fact there is some of their relatives still around,
    the Tuatara and crocodilians (crocs, gators, caimans, etc.).

    Lucifer became corrupt due to his own pride. Legend has it that when the subject of humans came up
    Lucifer (then called Samael) refused to serve lesser creatures in any way, telling God 'non serviam' (I will not serve),
    and it was this refusal, actually open rebellion, that caused his fall.
  7. It's good that you're seeking. I say ask every question you have. If you're sincere, you deserve sincere answers.

    After this era (meaning after our life on earth), we won't be spirit beings with power to start life on other planets. I could be wrong, but I think this is a semi-Mormon concept and even more oddly, an L. Ron Hubbard-esque perspective.

    If God is real (which he is), then this means all physical and metaphysical things are from his creation. So we couldn't take our own power to create and rule if by definition this power isn't even ours.

    But this would bring up what is Satan since he seems to be powerful separate from God. Because he insisted on using his free will to use power in his own away (not God's) it couldn't be anything other than evil. If God created everything, this means goodness only comes from Him. But just like how darkness is a lack of light, evil is a lack of goodness.

    The goal is for everyone to one day be with God in heaven. WILL everybody be in heaven? I think it's fair to say no. But those who will not be in heaven made the conscious decision based on some form of selfishness. This might sound pretty harsh because what if some people would have but just didn't seem to see the logic in God or what if they followed another deity because that made more sense to them? Well, with all of the evidence and reason behind the case for God (usually evidence and reason is said to be the opponent of God, but this is recent based mostly on ad hominems), when people either refuse to take the responsibility or simply choose that perhaps their concept of their self-value is more reasonable than God's concept of one's value, then this is a form of selfishness.

    Sorry if I got really wordy on this. It's pretty tough to sum up God's goal and what we are in comparison to Him without using a sound explanation.
  8. Going to heaven? I thought one of Jesus main goals was to anounce His coming Kingdom on earth, where He would rule for a thousand years?

    The bible does also mention 144,000 meeting Jesus in the clouds, but these people, I thought would be jews or saints specially called to do Gods work.
  9. I'd call that more of a step toward a goal rather than a goal itself. Just like how people mistake the message of loving people to be the main goal, it isn't--but it is a step in the direction of the goal. Otherwise that would be like saying Mr. X is sick at home with a case of the vomiting rather than saying he is sick at home with a case of the flu, and vomiting is one of his symptoms.

    The 140,000 is referenced (I think) twice as the servants of God from the 12 tribes, and each one being 12,000. I still need to review these verses in Revelation more closely. I've heard talk that the number is literal but the accounts within them are figurative. I'd think either the whole verse is literal or it is figurative...but it reads very figurative and symbolic.
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  10. Yes, absolutely, Love and giving. I concur.

    Other things Jesus came to do, IMO, select the twelve apostles,(note how this is an atribute of God, He is and has been selective.) The twelve Jesus taught His message, and had them begin the church. He came as an unblemished lam to die nd be resurected as an example, and so we could be redeemed by the atonement of His sacrifice and spilled blood.

  11. You're right in saying that God chose the initial twelve, but none of then had to obey--it was voluntary on their part. Just as God chose Mary, she could have said no, but she accepted the request.
  12. Yes, that, I believe, is why we have free will, to choose Gods way :) or not :/

    God, IMO, cant create, by fiat, beings to follow Him and satisfy Himself.

  13. Since Jesus was planned before the foundation of the earth, we can safely assume we were made by God with the intention being for us to be sons and daughters in His house. Along the same reasons Adam desired a wife. Something was missing.

    I wouldn't say as you did that God tried to reproduce Himself in us and the angels. God doesnt 'try' and nobody can be God except God. We are simply creations with a higher intelligence then others.

    This phase on earth is purely to give mankind the opportunity to exercise their free will.
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  14. Note: I inadvertantly left left the 's' off of 'God' in the thread title. I try to edit it, but it wouldn't let me :/

    I was going to title it 'What is God up too?'

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