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  1. Now i know we all would agree that all scripture is to be taken seriously and that any matter of faith or doctrine should be demonstrated there and whatever is not demonstrated there or contradicts what is should not be binding, but what do you believe are the essentials of the Christian faith....most on another site agreed the matters of the Nicene creed...all other issues are left to in-house debate

    What do some of you think

    In His love

    brother Paul
  2. What are the essentials of the Christian faith????

    1. Jesus is God.
    2. Salvation is by the GRACE of God.
    3. The faith to be saved must be in the Lord Jesus Christ and nothing else.
    4. The Death, Burial & Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.
    5. The Trinity. God the Father, Jesus the Son and The Holy Spirit are 3 persons in One.
    6. The Second Coming of Christ.
    7. To be saved we must be "born again".
    8. A man must believe that he is a sinner.
    9. The Bible is the Word of God.
    10.God in Christ is the Creator of all things.

    Those would be my top 10 but I am sure that there are many more if I thought more about it.

    I would probably also put the Rapture in there as well since that is the actual 2nd Coming of Christ for His Bride.

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