What Is Blessing And Rich Blessing As Per Bible?

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  1. What is blessing and rich blessing as per bible?
    In Bible Verse - Deuteronomy-15:4 it is being written as "he will richly bless you".

    Please post your comments/answers with valid references.
  2. An emphasis. "He's nice" vs. "He's very nice".... just saying... the KJV says "greatly bless" which is the same - one is more than the other.
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  3. May be a related question.. What really is blessing?
  4. A simple breath. :D

    [Job 33:4 KJV] The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.
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  5. Interestingly in Hebrew the word for bless and the word for curse is the same word! Talk about two sides of the coin!
  6. Would it be a good layman definition - Receiving something from Lord, based on the need, at the right time, which we could not have come up on our own
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  7. Really.. I am sure this would be one good discussion!!

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