What In The World Are You Sitting On?

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  1. love seat
    chaise longue

    • Considering only furniture commonly made for more than one person, what do you call that big ol' thang people sit upon in your living room (great room, family room) and where do you live?
    • Thinking about a past time and considering only furniture commonly made for more than one person, what did you call that big ol' thang people sat upon in your old living room (great room, family room) and where did you live then?
    • Do you have another name you commonly use for one of those big ol' thangs people sat upon in a living room (great room, family room) and where was that?
    Living here and there in the States, I have learned that people had different names for those big ol' thangs people sit upon in their living room (great room, family room). What words have you used and with what part of the world is your word for them associated?
  2. By "big ol' thang" I'm guessing you don't mean the buttocks. :ROFLMAO:
    It's a couch for me here in Pennsylvania.
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  3. Over the course of time, my childhood family had a couch most of the time. We lived in California but my folks were from Mississippi.

    As a teen, we had a love seat, which was made to seat two comfortably. That was when we lived in Mississippi.

    In Missouri, we had a couch again.

    In my first marriage, we had a hide-a-bed and later a davenport. That was in Minnesota.

    Single again, in California again, we had a couch.

    In all the places on the West Coast, I called it a davenport while my second husband called it (and still does) a daveneaux.
  4. It's always been a settee in this family wherever we've lived although other UKers might call the same thing a sofa or a couch.

    Our own 3 seater thingy is usually only seats one (unless you care to count things including sometimes my guitar and the day's newspapers etc) as occupants. I use one corner of it when joining my parents who generally speaking prefer their own individual chairs. It usually has to be cleared if we have to make space for visitors.
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  5. I sit on a big 'OL rock thang hehehe from the Flintstones era , lined with saber tooth cat fur. .....My recliner LOL
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  6. Office chair and to watch the news an easy chair. Brussels, Belgium for another year.
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  7. Ah, where I sit and type here is something else. It's at home and in my own personal sort of bed/living room area. My preferred seat for that is what I'd call an "office chair".
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  8. Couch/fold-out sofa, La-Z-Boy recliner, and a comfy rocker are in my family/living room.
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  9. A chair.

    A common one.
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  10. Oh, dear.......

    I'm sitting in a recliner!
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  11. Otis Redding is sitting on the dock of the bay.
    Karen Carpenter is sitting on top of the world looking down on creation.

    I must have "too much time on my hands". Does that mean I'm sitting on Styx?
    OMMA- off my meds again
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  12. Hmmm. Sometimes I will sit on the fence.
    Although pretty narrow, it's safer than sitting on the wall - look what happened to Humpty Dumpty.
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  13. You mugwump!
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