What if?

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  1. What if?

    What if gifts dont work as well as they should and its all our fault?
    What if these Gifts could affect many more people, even non-believers? Like I mean, them being healed and so on? (Not them having Gifts, because they dont have the Holy Spirit yet)
    What if we are holding back the power of God?

    This keeps coming to the top of my mind.
    Its been a little over 2000 years, I am starting to feel like things are going to get stronger.
    I feel like God wants to display His power..
    Jesus Himself said "Unless you see, you wouldn't believe"
    Cant shake it lol.

    I know what Paul said about using Gifts for the benefit of the church, what is the church though? A building.
    I doubt that.
  2. Sounds like what Morpheus said to Neo regarding the matrix . no one can tell you what the matrix is you have to see it for yourself . so it sounds like God's taking you deeper into something you haven't experienced yet . sounds exciting .
  3. You could say that..
    I am doing things I never thought I would, answering long standing questions that bother me...
    Im at peace now, just floating around :p

    But I just wonder, how much we hold it back?? and it seems weird, that the older the pentecostal movement gets, the more stuff happens, like the Body is closer now so more works..
    I dont know.
  4. Azuza was part of a longer string of events . and it has a lot to do with openness and being who Christ made us to be . and that exposing to the light who we really are .. and living loved .
  5. We are the church, the Body of Christ.
    We are to desire the gifts of the Spirit the Bible says. The Lord wants His power to be known. He is not a dead God, He is a supernatural God. If our God is not supernatural, then He is not the God of the Bible. He will always be the same and His power is just the same.
  6. Exactly.
    If we are the church, isn't it of benefit to us to also use these Gifts to help display that God is real to non-believers.
    Isn't that of direct benefit to the "church" - body?
    Jesus used his Gifts when people doubted, questioned and so on just saying "unless you see, you wont believe".
    What makes that any less true today?
    Theres only one entity in this world that wants us to think its none of these things, theres only one entity that wants people to be unsaved.
    I will be honest, if my faith was always blind, never knowing if God was real I would not believe, God knew that and the very first day I spoke to Him, He spoke back in his Word.
  7. Yes the Lord wants His power to be known to the world. But usually the church tried to keep it inside their walls, if they have any power at all. The world for the most part have just seen religion. But what if they saw His power in demonstration? The miracles and healings? The Lord uses these things to bring people to Himself. We can pray for them and the Lord will work in their lives and their eyes will be opened. Jesus and the disciples did most of their ministering outside in the public. The few times it was in the synogog the religious leaders hated it and Him for doing it.
  8. Amen amen amen!
  9. You mean I've found someone that speaks my language???? :D
  10. Well its very much the same as the things being reveled to me, thats for sure!
  11. You know, Jesus did say, ask and I will do it.
    He said it to his disciples before He left.

  12. I knew I liked you LOL :)
  13. I also want to say that we must have discernment when using our giftings , especially to unbelievers al they will not understand and be very confused and it might even turn them off. . So again , we need to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance .
  14. Yes the Lord will give wisdom, we are to always follow the Spirit.

    I know of some people who pray for those out in the world and when they are healed it really gets their attention and they realize how much the Lord cares about them. Even at times when they have a word of knowledge that they have a certain ailment and when they ask them if its true they say yes. Then they explain the Lord told them because he wants to heal them. That really blows them away but they are very happy about it. Many times they will get saved also
  15. Thank you for bringing that up.
    We cant be following the Spirit if we are not listening to Him.
  16. Truly, we have to follow the Spirit, our Comforter. God gives us all we need to serve others in His Name, including our spiritual gifts. It just takes time walking with God and growing in our faith. And all these things give glory to God.

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