What I Learned About Faith :)

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  1. Today and yesterday ... I learned to have faith.. You need to be willing to do alot of things and be willng to be viewed a certain way. Alot of times you mght have to look or feel stupid, be frustrated and be willng to do the same stuff over n over.

    Today n yesterday , my brothers and I were passing out cards w/ salvation prayer s on the back and tell people about Jesus at the mall . ( our pastor gave it to us on wednesday/bible study)

    The first day my brothers was able to give away all his cards.... It took me two days to get rid of mine. But , when I was walking up to people I got rejected... Some were rude and I felt rejected.... Stupid... And wanted to give up and rip up the little cards I had left... But others were so receptive , it made it all worth it.

    We had nine cards each , but we had talk to alot of people just to etc nine pll willing to listen to us and receive our cards non hear abt Christian. So yahoo, I learned that faith doesnt makes life a cakewalk it jst gives you the strength to look foolish in front of people to glorify God.

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  2. "We are fools for Christ's sake,..." 1 Corinthians 4:10 :D
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  3. Dear pancakes,

    I wished I would have been there and see you and your brothers. That was quite courageous!
    No doubt, Jesus must be very much proud of you!
    I am pretty sure that He smiled down from heaven to you.

    "And I say to you, everyone who confesses Me before men, the Son of Man will confess him also before the angels of God." (Luke 12:8)

    Love, little flower
  4. Thank you Pancakes for sharing your experience with us. Whether you gain or not gain souls is the responsibility of our Father. I am happy you were obedient enough to take some bold steps. God bless you and help you to grow and learn more of the Christian way of life. :)
  5. This is sooo good to hear to hear pancakes :) Congrats on taking that bold step, there are not many people out there that have whats in them to do what you did. This is definitely the hand of God working in your life!!

    One of the pastors at my church once said: "Put yourself in hard awkward situations for Christ, because there is nothing that he can't do". And when you actually do he comes through so that the Father is always glorified...Hallelujah!!!

    And this YOU are actually doing, you are growing in Christ :)
    God Bless

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  6. In the end these humiliations are very much worth going through to please and love God and hopefully to bear some fruit for the Lord.
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  7. I agree :))
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  8. Keep the faith sister, stay strong in the Lord.
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  9. I've learned that the mustard seed parable is SO true! However, as you continue to read the Word and pray, you can't help but have that faith grows and grows and grows and grows...
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