what has the Lord said to you lately :)

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  1. Be it the small voice many are accustomed to hearing or through others.

    For me, Sunday... the Lord spoke through my brother c:
    He said, he was pleased I came to church that Sunday ...and that He would be with me where ever I go. C: it made me feel happy BC I wasn't expecting that.

    But, what has he been telling you c:? I always find it fascinating how the HS talks to some non stop... I think its so sweet...

    I really wish I could tap into that..but part of me thinks due to my anxious, racing thoughts..maybe that's why I don't hear well.. it makes me nervous BC that scripture says..his sheep know His voice... and although I don't hear well.. God talks to me through others..or through dreams... I don't know why He won't talk to me directly.. ah well..

    Any who..back on topic.. what has the spirit been saying to you c:?
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  2. Every time you discern truth - every time you read the bible - you are hearing the "voice" of God. I would say most people "hear" His voice are hearing their own voice inside their head - and by that I mean they are not hearing strange voices out of burning bushes - and sometimes I think that may be why some people's Holy Spirit's disagree with others. Because they have not discerned between self and the Spirit. And all with good intentions. Test any spirits that do come to us all and have them confess Christ as having come in the flesh. Too often our love of God makes us assume that anything that comes to us is of God. Nothing from God and of God ever contradicts His Word. If it leads you away from God, it is not of God.
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  3. I'm not sure He really talks to me that often in my thoughts, or it's just my thoughts.

    I'd say He communicates to me more through showing me things; helping me stumble across things I should know and opening my eyes and ears to understanding. Also giving me understanding when deceiving is going on.
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  4. "Talk to your brother."
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  5. Greetings:
    For every bad word you say,quickly,say three divine words;such as: sanctification ,justification, rectification.

  6. Every time you open the Bible and read His Word, He is talking to you directly. Actually it is absolutely wrong to say God is not speaking to me. It is as good as saying, His word is not sufficient for me.
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  7. God speaks to me through His Word (of course) but also through experiences, sermons, talks with other people, movies, books, etc.. In past months He has been telling me again and again that He wants to have closer relationship with me and that it´s the most important relationship in my life so I should work more on it.
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  8. True, but from what my pastor has been saying, God wants a very close relationship w/ us....and wants to commune w/ us and say more to us
    personally than whats in his word ...I remember some where in the gospel John 21:25 "Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written."

    He has so much to say....

    and I really can't hear him..I just feel quite defective next to people who do....
    I see Him working in my life, He speaks through others to me, and He gives me dreams...however... some are hard to understand...so
  9. Well, I do not know in what context the Pastor was speaking. So I am not going to go against him. But generally this is what preachers refer to. There is lot more for God to speak to us. That is true. Because not everything is written in Bible. For example, Bible does not say "Don't be addicted to Facebook". But there will be verses in Bible which will speak about addiction to wordly things which would take our focus away from God. It does not mean God is going to add something on top of what is already written. The Word is written and complete. Lord has revealed to mankind what He intended to. There is nothing to add to that. But the application of the Word is something no one can imagine.

    The Holy Spirit will apply the Word to many many cases in our life and continue to convict us.

    I have never heard audible voices or visions. Sometimes I have dreams, but I can't discern to understand whether it is from Lord or just another dream. There have been cases where I have felt very strong convictions. But almost on every day basis, I can feel HS convicting me in different areas of my life. It would be very clear. We would be doing something in flesh. Then something inside us would pull us from it. A strong force. It is a question of whether we yield to it or not. On many occasions I don't! When I praying sincerely, those things will come back to me. And I would repent.

    As long as this goes on, I know Lord is ministering to me (or you can even say speaking to me) and I am hearing. When this does not happen, Lord is still ministering to me and I am being a stiff necked person.

    The most important question in any Christian life. Are you bearing fruits? That is all that matters. Not whether we hear an audible voice.

    I can speak volumes on how Lord has ministered to me in times of trouble. But that does not mean He is adding anything to the Word..
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  10. This absolutely true and I have the Dr, bills to prove it.
    About 6 months ago I cut my little finger and need 6 stitches to close it. I was using an electric hedge clipper to trim a bush in my yard.

    Yesterday, (No kidding) using the same clipper on the same bush I cut the ring finger of the same hand and needed 5 more stiches to close the cut.

    It was when I was going to the house to get a towel to stop the bleeding that I heard these words said from my precious loving and wonderful wife:
    "You stupid idiot. I told you to pay someone to do that for you now throw those clippers in the trash before you cut your head off next"!!!!

    Do ya think God spoke through my wife????? I do and I did what was told to me to do.
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  11. Could it be that you are waiting on God to speak to you without you meeting Him halfway? We are all guilty of that.

    He has got a lot to say you are right. But He is an absolute gentlemen. He is also impartial. He can't treat you any better or worse then anyone else. So if His requirement is for us to meet Him halfway James 4:8, there is no getting around that for any of us.

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