What God has done for me

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  1. I never used to love God or ever paid attention to any sermons, I got into a deep stage of depression, I used to slit my wrists and wanted to commit suicide once...time passed and I had to move houses,So I went to church for fun(mostly for the hot chocolate )and after about 2-3 months later I had a feeling that I should goto the Alpha course and I did(it was like a little voice told me to go there)and then came the Holy Spirit weekend and then at that moment I made a promise to God, that I would give all I am, whatever he wants me to do I will do it.

    I don't know if this is for someone but if it is please send a message to me.

    Never Give Up
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  2. Wow, definitly OMG. Do I do the things that God wants. If the truth be told, I do the things my parents want me to do. :)

    "Never give up." Is that a Winston Churchill quote?
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  3. I used to also do the things my parents too [emoji28]. And I didn't notice that it was a Winston Churchill quote until now...
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  4. It must have been "never surrender." And he sounds so bored, like mabye the war keeps him from ogling Lady Astor or Wallis Simpson or learning how to tie his shoes.

    When I grow up, maybe I will work for MI5. I wonder if Americans can be British spies.
  5. Cool you want to work for the M15,his boredom was making me bored(I didn't even finish watching the video)
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  6. Well, I do like my ginger ale with grenadine, shaken not stirred, but I think that spooks have little in common with James Bond. Mostly they analyze information. I think that the British might be the experts at analyzing information. For example, Benjamin Franklin told a friend that his French butler was a British spy, who the British paid to supply information. They combined that with other information, so they could manage the war.

    Stalin had two spies at Los Alamos during World War Two. The spies were unaware of each other, so the fact that they both reported that the Americans had succeeded in developing the Atomic Bomb convinced him that the Americans had indeed build the bomb.

    George Washington had spies, but I think that American spy craft began in earnest in World War One. Along about that time the Post Office began keeping records of the addresses of people who received and sent mail to suspected spies or what today we would call terrorists. Sometime before World War Two the FBI began analyzing banking information.

    Spooks mostly analyze information, but of course driving an Aston Martin could be fun. :)
  7. Sure I will drive a Aston Martin anyday[emoji1]
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    I go to a High School in a very high end neighborhood. At the end of my ten mile drive to school, I drive a 1998 Toyota Corolla past Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, and Rolls Royce type automobiles that litter the driveways of homes that must sell in the millions of dollars, and I think that I have never seen an Aston Martin.

    Of course the Corolla is not my car. It belongs to my Dad. I did zip to earn it. Daddy (when you read the word, Daddy, imagine a flip of the hair, rolling shoulders and swaying hips) lets me use it.

    And so that asks the question: What would I do to earn my own car? I could marry money, like George Washington. I could earn money, like John D Rockefeller, or I could steal money like Robert Moses.

    Of course, I'm not being fare to Robert Moses, but the State of New York gave him the power to take the money.

    Washington and Rockefeller had one thing in common, they both sold things that people wanted to buy, things like whiskey, rice, indigo, tobacco, and kerosene.

    What would I sell? What would people stand in line to buy?
  9. Earn your money
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  10. Wow, you're quick on the trigger this morning. Yes, that is the question. How should I earn my own money? But first things first. I must go run, because my runners are here and I must follow them because I am their leader.

  11. Run like the wind[emoji1]
  12. Well, today since there was no wind, I ran faster than the wind.
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  13. [emoji1] wow
  14. Well, speaking of wind, yesterday we had rain. Not very much.

    At the beginning of the run, the water seemed like a heavy dew. By the time we reached the main line of the railroad, the road was really wet, the kind of cold and wet that makes people want fire.

    I suppose that you know that way out west we have names for wind, rain and fire. The rain is Tess, the fire is Joe, and we call the wind Frank.


    Another, kinda cool thing. A couple of days ago, a spaceship landed on a comet. I think maybe last year I learned about how to do that. The basic idea is that all objects have mass. As the comet and the spacecraft approach each other, they attract each other. That is an idea that Newton discovered. This year I have learned about how to get the spaceship close to a comet. Kepler discovered the basic idea. Satellites move in parabolic orbits. Descartes discovered how to deal with parabolas. Now we call it Algebra II.

    Next year I will study the mathematics of change. Have you noticed how ideas in the Bible change? For example, Cain is avenged 77 times and then someone else is avenged 7 times. In Leviticus the revenge is down to one to one, and Jesus brings the revenge to zero, or it even trots past zero, when you give your coat also. So I wonder if other things change?

  15. [emoji28] Yeah....
  16. Yeah what? Riding a spacecraft or wondering what changes?
  17. Yeah what? Riding a spacecraft or wondering what changes?
  18. The 2nd option, what changes
  19. Well, something changed on this thread. My last posting posted twice. Mom says it's time to go. I know that we are going north. We will pass the main line of the railroad, where every thirty minutes to a hour a train with maybe a hundred containers goes north or south. It's kinda cool to wait and wonder: what's in the box?
  20. I wandering what's in the boxes too

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