What Exercise Did You Do Today?

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  1. its the placebo. If you lift properly your body is like a baby in a pregnant woman, it will take the nutrients it needs.
  2. But if you're not taking in enough nutrients and it needs more, then you need to supplement the rest.
  3. if the person isn't taking the right nutrients then they shouldn't be working out. It's too harmful to the body. Supplements take a toll on the liver and kidneys.

    But its a billion dollar market, so they aren't going to expose the truth.
  4. YOU are taking a toll on my liver and kidneys. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    I'll have to do more research on this and get back to you.
  5. Here is the secret to bigger biceps.. Get a chain and strap a 45lb weight to yourself and do as many pull-ups as possible. Then take some 70lb dumbbells and do pinwheel curls (for the bulk) Then sit in a chair that has a slit decline and do curls with 45lbs twisting your arm as much as possible as you come up (for definition).

    Be careful though.. Your biceps will grow really fast and you might get stretch marks.. if you start to see stretch marks after a couple weeks then lower the weight amount.

  6. I'll take the trash out. :)
  7. That's probably best. Where is trying to kill everyone who has high post counts so he can eventually move to number one. Quite a crafty way to off us. Not this time Where, not this time!
  8. I'm still not strong enough for that.
  9. I did shoulders and triceps yesterday, then combination ran and walked a little over a mile and a half.
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  10. Wow you guys are just wonderful!...lol

    I gave my body the biblical rest that God says is needful...and ate two steaks and two bowls of Capn crunch... I will outlive you all...:p
  11. LOL! you ate two steaks?! I'm sure your insides are not resting.
  12. Oh yea and thinking about making some fish now...:)
  13. What kind of fish do you guys eat in Tennessee? Carp?
  14. No Carp has what is called a mud vein.. unless you know how to cut it out? You cant eat carp... Bass, brim, catfish, mud turtles, frog legs...your basic stuff!
  15. Mud turtles and frogs. whaaaaat. Why just the legs of the frog and not the whole thing.
    I'm googling this mud vein too, sounds interesting.
  16. So if I cut this mud vein out, I can eat carp?

  17. That looks about right..what you think I make stuff up?
  18. That's nasty!
  19. What are you looking for? This is real life Brian, everything is not all made up in a magazine, like your big-shot Alaskan fish:eek:
  20. I only eat alaskan fish or Mahi Mahi.

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