What Exercise Did You Do Today?

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  1. What did you do today that was exercise/got your body moving? It rained here today so I was pretty much a bump on a log. Yea, I know, I could have got an exercise dvd out-that's what they're good for-rainy days. I prefer to actually get outside in the fresh air if it's not too hot or cold.
  2. I walked at the park today after school. My daughter didn't have cross country practice today after school because it was rainy most the day and so she wanted me to take her to the park to go running. It's a good thing she wanted to, otherwise I probably wouldn't have got any exercise in today.
  3. I walked at the park again. I did about 3 1/2 miles. I really wanted to play tennis but that didn't work out.
  4. Friday I got to play some tennis and yesterday I walked at the park. Today I have to take my daughter to a cross country meet so I don't think I will have time to exercise.
  5. Stair climbing and rope climbing.
  6. Wednesday I took our dog and went walking at a state historic area nearby that has a nice trail that goes through the woods down near some water. It's just so beautiful hiking through the woods! (except when you come across a snake!) This morning I went walking at the park which is not as nice as the woods but it's exercise. I walked for a little over an hour with my mp3.
  7. Has anyone done any kind of exercise this past week? I was gone on vacation with my family. I was able to bike ride every day-Mon. through Fri. There are trails all over Hilton Head Island. It was alot of fun. Biking is probably my favorite kind of exercise right now. The longest bike ride was 1 hour and 45 minutes and the shortest was 30 minutes.
  8. I used to ride hard and fast in my younger days. Now I hardly have time for any exercise outside of what I get at work. Of course, I get to ride a bicycle inside the plant, dodging forklifts and mailhandlers as I go.
  9. Yesterday and today I walked at the park.
  10. It was a little chilly this morning but I did once around our park.
  11. Aerobics video since it's raining outside
  12. A 2 mile walk then 40 minutes of Back, Leg and Biceps workout and it's only 6:25 am. here.. I don't like insomnia but it does have it's good points lol
  13. I typed till my hands hurt. Does that count?
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  14. Hi Josh, of course it counts, there are 15 (small )muscle groups in each of your hands and you also use your forearm muscles for some hand movements. Keep that up and you'll have to change you ID to Popeye;)
  15. sculpt and tone video
  16. 45 minute heavy leg back and biceps routine 402 calorie burned 8000kg + lifted...feel grrrrrreat
  17. did a 3 mile walk
  18. Rope climbing, Walking and stepping, All these are my best exercises..
  19. I walked 3 miles today.
  20. I worked out my thumb while working the remote.

    I say it counts :)

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