What Every Godly Girls Wants in a Man

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  2. How can a new convert win the heart of a Jesus freak girl, and be the man she deserves?
  3. Read the article and you will find out :)
  4. Ah man-I gotta READ something for this!? ;)
  5. Hence the link.....:p:p
  6. Tis a short read B M and she is right. i quit chasing girls in my 30s and went for God. All of a sudden I was surrounded in them............which 1 do I want...........Not what I wanted but who was given to me by God. And here I am with my wifeeee. It was a gift from God. She just kinda fell all over me and said "here I is" Thank YOU Jesus :)
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  7. And if I could put my 2 cents in with this article: It's entirely true.

    Nothing is more attractive when a man follows after Jesus only because he wants God and he's not trying to follow God to impress women and others. When we follow Jesus, we aren't following Him because we want to impress others; we are following Him because we want Him. This should also be men's desires as well: They should find nothing more attractive when a woman follows after Jesus because she wants to, and not because she's trying to impress men.
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  8. The hardest thing we have to get through our heads is that WE need to be prepared... Both the Man and the Woman... It takes time for God to prepare us to be the Man or Woman that COULD be married to the one God has prepared for us.....

    That's where we get impatient... and we get the rewards of impatience.... We push our way into something, and it flops or blows up.... Why? Issac/Ishmael.....

    Abraham and Sarah decided to "Help" God by giving God a son for HIM to bless..... and how did that go? Sure - God did bless Ishmael - but we are still feeling the results of man's "Help"....

    What was God's Plan? - for GOD to give Abraham and Sarah a son for Him to bless... God gave both the son AND the blessing....

    So... Please don't push into a relationship hoping that God will sort it all back out into something good... Sometimes He does... Sometimes, He doesn't...

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    Yes, exactly.

    Work with all your heart, mind, soul and strength to follow God. Follow only his path. Stay on the path looking not to the left or right.

    For most people and in a most surprising almost unbelievable series of coincidences God will cause your path to cross another. Then it will all become clear. Both of you will see God's hand all along your separate ways.

    At one time you may have thought how will I ever find my love? Then you will see how it could not have happened except as planned in the heart of God, thank God.

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