What Dream Would You Pursue If You Were Not Afraid Of Criticism?

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  1. Let me know your thoughts.
  2. I have no idea, but would have to say if the dream came from God i would have to pursue it with all my heart all my soul and all my mind. I mean look what happen to Jonah he ended up in a whales belly cause he kept running from God.
  3. To win the Mr. Universe contest.
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  4. oooh that type of dream:LOL: Heres me thinking the main post meant if the dream came from God which would probably cause plenty of critism from non believers then would i pursue it?

    ok i have plenty of dreams

    Always wanted to take up programming been to busy but never to old to start learning just need to find the time. My programming skills are not great. Those that know my programming skills would probably roll their eyes.:ROFLMAO:

    own my own bussiness like a Computer store thats a dream i still hold onto, one day i will get there. Fix pcs here at home during my spare time so why not run a shop. I have to be careful that i dont go bust tho usually when someone turns up with their PC to be repaired i judge them by what type of vechicle they show up in. If its a rust bucket i lower my quote. knowing they could afford it if its lower. If its a late model vehicle i dont lower my quote. Ive had poor people in the past offering me a frozen chicken or vegables from their garden cause they had no money to pay me. Sometimes i would take the food other times i would feel sorry for them and tell them dont worry about it, the costs is free of charge. Yes i might be shooting myself in the foot here but nothing beats the wide smile on their faces. So would have to harden up abit if i do run this business, otherwise like i said i will probably be out of business in a matter of months. :LOL:

    Build my own log house here in New Zealand. I love log homes, strong steady homes that can withstand all types of whether. I once had a job where i help lay down foundations for log homes just built the floors. The best place to build them would be out in the bush country. The critism i would get would be from building one in Town here. Building a log home is a dream i hope i reach one day.
  5. Beach bum, in Fiji.
  6. Yea........win the Mr. UNiverse contest and then retire to Fiji to ne a beach bum!

    Save me a lounge chair Glo!
  7. I'd start a church in a resturaunt.
  8. I should be a Pastor by now...
  9. Your sure to draw a crowd!
  10. Well (and I'm not bragging..honest) all of my childhood, young man and even adult dreams God has made come true. None had to do with wealth, fame or power, so I guess that's partly why. The goofy ones, He has shown how mighty goofy they were, and I gave up on pretty quickly.

    I'm real content, so will have to cogitate on this one.
  11. I was never afraid of criticism, if the person critising me is right about whatever it is, then I learn from it. If theyre just being jerks, then I ignore and go on. Criticism, has never really even so much as slowed me down, so im not afraid of it. I would, like to get more involved in overseas missions however, but whats stopping me isnt criticism, but lack of funds and time.
  12. Actually it doesn't take much time or $$, my friend. Twenty dollars is worth a 100 in some countries. The main thing is to help a little, and those streams merge with others.

    I send a calendar each year to a missionary in Spain because he can't get an English one with American holidays on it. He counts on me.

    During the Kenya crisis a few years back what I sent to a local ministry fed half a village during some very chaotic times....a small amount to us.

    Folks form America, NZ, Austria, Germany, Malaysia, Poland, Serbia and other places send us little bits of love and useful things, nothing big or expensive, but very helpful.
  13. @ P13
    Does your Church have a missions fund? We ask for statements of faith and annual updates from our missionaries. We have a separate fund that supports them. A $5 bill a month dedicated to missions goes a long way like Rusty said...

    We are always inviting missionary candidates...not all get approved for doctrinal and funding reasons.
  14. That's the usual method, yes.

    However, we are more keen on the Lord's unction to each donor rather than a board's approval.


    Some folks have odd ideas about missions: my brother in Spain faces acute harassment from the state religion, so yearly progress reports look puny to a Main St. USA church goer. Yet, the Lord has broken chains of a 500 years through him.

    Some folks think missionaries today are like they were when they were children. Nope. It's a different world.

    Some folks today think Western evangelical methods should be used in the Muslim world. Not unless you want to go to prison for a long time.

    Therefore we see divine urgings much more important than church boards...though on very rare occasions, a board can get it right!
  15. @Rusty,

    We don't base our support on their reports-that is just one way we try to keep in touch with some of our more isolated missionaries. We want to make sure they are ALIVE! Usually our support is centered on the foundations of their faith, We don't always have to have every peg aligned...but they need to be close. I am sure you understand. As a small Church, we also have a funding limit. I think we are supporting up to 12 missionary projects this year based on the budget. I am waiting on the list from my Pastor to update our site.
  16. That sounds nice.

    Well...Skype is the best way to keep in touch with your missionaries: it's free and universally available. Mail is not.

    Oh, sure: no one want's to support a charlatan, but I have as yet met any rogues who have left their countries in order to bilk church-folks out of support. Never met a JW or Mormon or such like to petition any mission board outside their network; have you?

    Perhaps you support NATIVE efforts. Chinese workers in China, for example.

    Technically, we don't call those missionaries. Lots of folks get those mixed up.
  17. Im not talking about giving to overseas missions-I do do that, regularly. Im talking about actually going on them myself. I went once, and it was an experience of a lifetime, would love to be able to do it again. Until then, I guess my mission is my home town. :D
  18. Oh....So where did you go and for how long?
  19. I was in moldova for about 2 weeks
  20. Wow! I reckon you were church building, right?...as it is 99% Christian.

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