What Does Your Screen-name Mean?

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  1. WhiteLioness -- I chose this name because white stands for purity and because I like lions and I am female, making me a lioness.

    And if I am right, saints are to be dressed in white attire.
  2. DanaCovert68- That's my name, and the 68 stands for the year my favorite singer Celine Dion was born.
  3. My name means mike, Michael. Mom gave it to me.
  4. Shapiro is my last name.

    Lysander is from Lysander Spooner. He was a unique figure in history in that he was both anti-Lincoln and anti-slavery. He was sued by the U.S. post office for competing with them, and was forced out of business by them.

    His anti-slavery opinions made him unpopular in his time as being anti-slavery then was taboo. He wrote an excellent book called "The Unconstitutionality of Slavery." He advocated for the Natural Law, in that no man is owned by anyone or any government.
    He wrote a good collection of essays and books about economics, the corruption of a government entity, and the evils of slavery. He was a writer, a lawyer, a businessman, and an outspoken abolitionist. And he's been pretty much written out of the history books.
  5. dUmPsTeR = a game character name from a special forces online game I used to play too much of. It also holds other meaning to me because a lot of people like to unburden themselves of their problems because I do something most people don't do, I listen.
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  6. Your name has always been one of my favorites here.
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  7. HisManySongs

    Given to me by my wife in the Native American tradition of giving names based on who a person has become. I am a singer/songwriter (mostly singer).

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