What Does The Polar Bear Symbolize?

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  1. We know that lion symbolizes actually Jesus and God. And the snake symbolizes Satan. And the leopard symbolizes evil in general. But what does polar bear symbolize?

    Polar bears are known as the strongest animals in the world, but they are white and they live in the Arctic. And the color white symbolizes purity and good and the light and the divine.

    Can the polar bear symbolize an arch-angel?

    My favorite animals are polar bears, cats, and rabbits. The number 1 favorite animal is indeed the polar bear. The second is the cat. And the third is rabbit.

    I get a quite good and light-side feeling from polar bears.

    By the way, it's sad that polar bears are about to get extinct, but may God protect them. <3
  2. Bears symbolize power/destruction. The polar bear in particular has never been used in any symbology I'm familiar with.

    The Polar Bear population is the highest it has been in centuries, they are in no danger of becoming extinct.
  3. Maybe Polar Bear can symbolize Godly miracle power because of the polar bear's white appearance and the major strength. Or Godly wrath? But black bear can symbolize demonic force because of the black color and the cunningness of the black bears.
  4. Is there any possibility that there is a polar bear angel here protecting me? Because I usually have dreams where I adopt polar bears and I call them with inuit names like Nanuq. And I remember that when I was falling asleep during my witchcraft times, I got a picture on my mind about a polar bear mother and 2 polar bear cubs at my living room, and back then when I was a witch, my spirit animal was actually a polar bear but I never worshipped polar bears, all I did about polar bears is that I felt like I am a polar bear, but honestly, I always felt like a polar bear, and I didn't spend my time in polar bears, but sometimes I collect pictures of polar bears and I watch documentaries of polar bears.

    I really like polar bears because they are beautiful and they are very white and they look like angel bears and it also symbolizes the arctic, and I honestly come from the arctic.
  5. It means that you are in some really COLD places!!!
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  6. You mean Finland? Or in cold situations?
  7. It doesn't mean anything
  8. Polar bears' fur consists of a dense, insulating undercoat topped by guard hairs of various lengths. It is not actually white—it just looks that way. Each hair shaft is pigment-free and transparent with a hollow core that scatters and reflects visible light, much like what happens with ice and snow.
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  9. So a polar bear's hair is actually plastic-colored?
  10. AKA plastic-colored.
  11. Plastic can be any color
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  12. You really are not serious ......are you?

    Where do you think you would find a Polar Bear?
  13. I am serious. Stop saying I am not.

    And ofcourse there are no polar bears in Finland, and I am just asking that what does the polar bear symbolize.
  14. I don't really see God or anyone else using polar bears for any symbolism, so whatever you want it to symbolize. Animals only symbolize something when someone adds or attaches meaning to it.

    For example in literature owls have come to symbolize wisdom and the occult. Now are owls actually wise and practicing occult arts? No, it's just something people give them to mean.

    Most of the symbolism in the bible is attaching the power/demeanor of an animal to a social construct or special person (Jesus). For example Jesus is called the Lamb because he was meek and sacrificed for our sins, but he is also called the lion because he is king over all of us, and has the power to do whatever he likes.

    So really polar bears don't symbolize anything as far as I'm aware. They are just white furred bears.
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  15. But is it true that bears symbolize evil men? Some Biblical website said that bear symbolizes destruction or evil men...
  16. I'm not sure what they symbolize, but even so, why does it matter?
  17. I think they symbolize coke.

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  18. The picture didn't pop up right away, and I only read they symbolize coke.

    I think bears could symbolize Russia. Was in hibernation, but now the bear is awake!
  19. I (UK) would say Fox's Glacier Mints. According to Wikepedia, they have used the Polar Symbol since 1922.


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