What does the Bible say about physical fighting?

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  1. I know that fighting is okay in self defense, but what does the Bible say about fighting someone otherwise? I guess the "turn the other cheek" doctrine would probably answer this question though.
  2. If someone were to slap you on the right cheek with their right (usually dominant) hand, how would they do it?

    With the back of their hand.
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  3. If you referring to fighting like as in martial arts/wrestling?

    If that's the case, there is nothing specific about it. However, like anything, you are free to do it. If it gets in between you and God, you probably shouldn't do it. But you can definetly honor God in wrestling/martial arts like you would in any other sport.

    If you're starting fights for fun, that is wrong though, but that's pretty self explanatory
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  4. So that means that they can easily slap you twice in a row. Maybe that is why Jesus said this. But this verse seems to go against self defense as well.
  5. The thing is that I have been having a really high desire to fight someone recently because I believe that every man should have at least one fight in his life. Of course this is not biblical. I am a really nice guy (because I try to live like Christ to the best of my ability), so people will not fight me. But I will only fight someone in the case of self defense, and my cases of self defense seem to be really narrow. I believe that if someone strikes at you once, you should not strike back because your safety is not in danger. But if the are repeatedly attacking you, of course you must fight back to save your life. I know that this sounds really weird though heh.
  6. Self defense is biblical, even the apostles had swords. However the love for violence is what we are warned against.

    I understand your desire to fight, its a guy thing. If you really want to fight, join your wrestling team, or something along those lines, that way you're safe and you get training.

    If neither of those are a possibility, you can always get one of your friends, a pair of gloves, and have some fun in the backyard. So long as there is a mutual agreement and you still love each other in the end, I see nothing wrong :ROFLMAO:
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  7. I like swords as well. Also, my mom won't let me do wrestling because she thinks that I will get hurt. She wants me to play a sport, though, and all sports and are dangerous and have a chance of death.
  8. While I can't argue that wrestling isn't dangerous (I broke my leg, had a buddy break both his arms multiple times, and had another friend tear his trachea)
    It taught me alot, not just for fighting, but it made me a bit more of a man.
    But like you said, most sport is dangerous, american football probably being on the top. If you're really interested in something, and express a sincere desire for it, your mom may soften her heart towards it and atleast let you try.
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  9. I don't love violence. In fact, when I see most cases of violence, I get a bit scared.
  10. Hopefully.
  11. Fighting as in..? Well David struck Goliath with just a small stone.
    Gideon was chicken but the Lord fought the battle for him instead and he emerged victor cos he listened to God.
    Jesus fought satan by using the sword of his Word- scripture. He died, but he came back to life again.
    So even if you do die, death has no sting. We are victorious even over death.

    Angels are always fighting for you and protecting you- its a spiritual battle.
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  12. Peter cut off the ear of a soldier in trying to defend Jesus but Jesus healed the soldier and told Peter to put away his sword.
  13. I mean as in fighting someone physically, not in a spiritual sense.
  14. We dont wrestle with flesh and blood...

    If you just playfighting with a friend, i suppose thats ok. I dont know am not a boy so dont really understand why boys do this. If you just want to show some muscle and impress someone, best thing is to carry something heavy for a girl. My hero..
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  15. I just want to practice my spinning back kick on someone.
  16. hmm.
    I thought we meant to fight dragons and demons..but you could always kick a ball. That's why football was invented.
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  17. I'm not really a fan.
  18. Where do you go to fight dragons, because I have a great interest in that :ROFLMAO:
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  19. Well, im not really a fan either but better they kick a ball than each other.
  20. That verse doesn't mean to let them walk all over you, but you pause your response to ponder what Jesus would do. To respond in the heat of the moment leads to grave errors.
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