What Does The Bible Say About Mythological Beings?

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  1. I don't believe they exist, but what does the Bible say about fairies, vampires, mermaids, werewolves, unicorns, etc? Just wondering. But I feel like those beings are from Pagan religions, right?
  2. Jewish apocrypha (books not included in the Jewish Bibles) have some stories. For instance, the unicorn missed the boat (ark) when the flood came because it was too busy playing, when the call came. Stories about Lilith as Adam's first wife, are extended mythologies, indicating she became a demon, married to a high level demon, who went after the children of Adam and Eve out of vengeance. The rest come from folk tales. There have been interesting documentaries on mermaids, in the last few years brought about by alledged US testing of sonic weapons levels in the oceans, causing damage to sea life. And video's (hoaxes?) that show the US took one merperson as a lab specimen.
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    Lets determine the truth and then apply it to each example.

    A possessed person loses his mind and can get supernatural strength from demons. I am always reminded of the Chinese legends. Like 'Crouching tiger, hidden dragon''. Then, if we go after demons we find them. They can reveal themselves as a werewolf in a bush. I have a Congolese friend I trust, who has some crazy stories of this.

    Vampires possible, just no long life and never your own power. Werewolves as in you transforming, impossible. But seeing them late at night as part of demons tormenting you, possible.

    Unicorns, maybe when they find fossils of them existing. Mermaids and fairies, only in Hollywood.

    I find the Greek mythology story of Polyphemus the cyclopes quite interesting. I imagine a very big guy, blind in one eye and shunned from society.
  4. Mostly, I agree with King J. There are interesting oil paintings in France (?) of a family who had hair all over theit body, looking very much like werewolf mythology. They are also associated with Yeti, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, etal. I think that I go with demons can show any aspect that frightens, such as vampires. Up until I saw the documetaries on mermaids, I thought this was unfounded myth - sailors seeing mermaids where (I forgot the name of the sea mammal) which was actually a very real sea animal. After the documentaries - not so sure. The only other Biblical (old testament) "monster" is the Golem which was created to protect the Jews from their enemy. Of course, the Bible talks about "giants" but there are no known such bones or fossils of them either.
  5. I would be remiss not to say that the demonic also uses aspect to entice or try to get us to invite them in. Vampires have been made very alluring in recent years in fiction but ALL demonic activity is to destroy. The first portal is lies. The demonic seeks to take your God- given soul.
  6. I agree with you my dear friend.

    To me, when one rejects the truth of God's Word, his mind then will fill in the blanks so as to allow him to do what he wants or believe as he is tempted to believe.

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