what does mark 10:18 mean

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  1. what does mark 10:18 mean

    what is Jesus trying to say here ?

    mark 10:18

    18"Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No one is good—except God alone

    now im 100% sure that God is Jesus, and i know i can't take this verse literally, so it must mean something else.
  2. What can we say about this verse besides or beyond it's various theological interpritations???I can tell you this, There is more importance and relivence to it that a few learned mens evaluation and few varying interpritations. It's signicance lies not in any or all theological interpritations and susiquent doctrines, but in what it means to and does for you and I and all as individuals in Christ.
    So I ask what does it mean to you???? How does it apply to your life, faith, beliefs, path???? What do you gain from it?????

    A few things cross my mind as I read it and your ajoining words.

    The observation or belief that God and Jesus are one and the same is irrelivent. Not that they are not, but, Jesus is presented through out scripture as "the Son of God" . That is the intent, the plan, presence ,the biblical acount and theme/plot and the manner in which we should approch all that is written about them, "as father and son".

    Perhaps it is in this light that Jesus is saying "see me as a mortal man, and discern my spirit ,my words, my teaching but do not judge me as a man whether it be as good or bad. For as a man I am not as God in the sense of being "Good"".

  3. Of course remember here that the man addressed him as "good master". master in the greek translates as teacher. This was not a man who followed Jesus or believed that He was God as his followers did. This guy wanted the good teacher to tell him how to get to heaven. The Lords response was fitting to the lesson He was about to teach the man and absolutly does not deny diety.
  4. I think the word alone at the end is very important. Though the Father, Son and Spirit are as one, they are still seperate entities(can't spell). I feel Jesus was making the point that GOD alone is good, He created good, He is the author of all that is good, how could anything else be, other than the maker. I believe Jesus was good as well, but HE had theultimate love and repesct for HIS Father in heaven, and gave all glor yto HIM.
  5. From Albert Barnes Commentary on the New Testament:

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    When the man called Jesus Good teacher he did not believe that Jesus was God. He believed that Jesus was just a teacher a human being just like himself, he had got into a habit of calling men good as a form of flattery. This is a habit that has persisted down through the ages people still give other pompous titles meaning very much the same as that man gave Jesus.

    Jesus knew the man did not believe He was the Word made flesh. Therefore He was correcting Him in his belief that a mere man can be good.

    You can take that verse literally because Jesus did not actually deny that He was Good. He knew the thoughts of the man and His reply was directed at his thoughts.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days[/FONT]
  7. Jesus did not rebuke the man for calling him good. he just asked him why.
    if only God is good, and Jesus found no issue at someone calling him good, and Jesus does not lie (or suppress the truth), then Jesus=God

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