What does it mean to prioritize God above all?

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  1. I thought that it meant to do God related things before secular things. But that does not sound right. Maybe it means to value God more than others. That sounds about right. What are your thoughts?
  2. You are correct in saying that it means to value God, and His ways above all others. Nothing and i do mean nothing is more important than God, and His ways....... obeying His commandments are above everything.

    In my life i have decided to follow God, and His ways... and speak His word at all costs. I obey God and leave the consequences up to Him.

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  3. Today, my mom wanted me to lie in an essay, saying that I like science. I told her that I was not going to lie. I also prayed about it. God showed me a way to please my mother in the essay and not lie, saying that I like science (which is my least favorite school subject). It was for some type of summer camp that I did not want to go to.
  4. God is so awesome! When he has called us to obey our parents...He gives us a way to please Him and them at the same time. And there is an example of God reaching out to you and speaking to you. And making 1 Corinthians 10:13 very real in your life.
    Good stuff little man!
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  5. You are right.. We should value God more than anything else.. And when we do that, the former you mentioned would follow. We would start valuing God related things more than secular things.. Just my opinion..
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  6. It's hard to do what's right when those in authority over you find it so easy and comfortable to do wrong. If you ask God how to please Him first and them, He will. :) Good job!
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  7. Thanks!
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  8. I stopped valuing secular things. Except that I have started working out.

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