What does it Mean ..... " Let your yes be yes and your no be no "

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  1. What does it Mean ..... " Let your yes be yes and your no be no "

    In James 5 : 12 it says :

    Above all, my brothers, do not swear—not by heaven or by earth or by anything else. Let your "Yes" be yes, and your "No," no, or you will be condemned.

    Does it mean , that we should scrutinize everything that we say to make sure before we say it that it is the truth ? Because if we say one thing and mean another that is where we will be judged. Because if we say something we should not need to prove something that we say.

    Thoughts please.
  2. This is how I've heard it: that in the bible times, people would swear on the temple, or altar, or some other holy thing or on heaven, and it would be binding. Completely. To not honor what you have promised by swearing on the holy thing would condemn you.
    That this verse is saying not to make a promise or an oath using such objects or anything else for that matter.
    Instead of saying "By heaven, I am going to (fill in the blank)!" Just say "I will (fill in the blank)".
    Anyway, that's how it was explained to me.

    This reminds me of the story of the man who vowed that whatever walked in thru the door, he would sacrifice. And the next thing to walk in the door was his only daughter. And because of his vow, he had to do it. Even his daughter agreed that it had to be done. Dont fully understand how that could happen, but there it is. ( this is Old Testament and dont remember where it is, or the guy's name. Just the story)
  3. I always took it as this: When you say yes, you should mean it with enough conviction so that there are no doubts. When you say no, mean it.

    If you sometimes say yes when your heart is thinking no...people are going to pick up on that. So the next time you say yes, you'll have to swear by something. Don't do that. Don't swear by anything. If you're not sure in your heart, Duran, that you mean yes...then don't say yes. Wait until you feel it in your heart before you say it.

    That way you'll never have to swear on anything. And people will know that when you say yes, you mean it and that you don't need to swear by anything.

    When I want to say no, but my lips say yes...that's deceit. A lie. My tongue is speaking what my heart isn't feeling. I'm lying to myself and to another person.

    I'm wearing a mask to please others at those times.
  4. IMO, it simply means that to "swear a vow" is to put question on everything else you say. Like if you say "I promise I'm telling you the truth", does that mean that at some point before, you weren't? I've studied a lot of religions and beliefs, and one conclusion I can come to from all of them, no "enlightenment" or "holiness" will come from secrets or lies. If we are truly like Christ, then everything we say should be truth. That doesn't mean you have to completely fact check every thing you ever say, it simply means that if you say you are gonna do something, then you better do it, because to do otherwise is a lie.
  5. Amen guys ..... Thanks .... all excellant answers.:)
  6. Those were all excellent answers I agree. It reminds me of what my dad used to say- say what you mean and mean what you say.:)
  7. ^^^ Wow, I write a paragraph and you completely sum it up in like 6 words. nice.
  8. I always thought it meant, dont add any bleeps etc.
  9. Fluffy, the story you are referring to is about Jepthah, and is recorded in Judges 12:29-40.


  10. It means we should not take part in Oaths. We should simply answer truthfully because God knows if our yes is yes and if our No is no.

    All Praise The Ancient Of Days
  11. My mum always taught me it means you don't need to make promises because if you have to make a promise, it's like you're saying a promise is more true than if you just said yes or no, which it shouldn't be because we should not lie. So just speak the truth, when you say yes mean it and when you say no mean it.
  12. Amen!

    Simply speak the truth always and do not go back on your words.

    Something I need to work on.
  13. Right .... A very wise mom indeed. :D:D:):)

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