What Does 'individual' Mean?

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  1. Individual =

    In= In God, one with God

    dividual= divided... God is divided into many parts. On this earth there are about 6 billion potential parts of God, (people living on this earth)

    In the bible, this is expressed as 'God's body', or the 'body of Christ' with Christ as the head (initiator, catalist, beginning belief) of the body. Jesus was the spreader of the information that God has a body here on earth to fulfill His purpose. (1 COR 12:13)

    In other words, we are all body parts of God, if you will. We are in God, because we are spirit and God is spirit. Water and elements seek there own level, and air is usually found with other air, and water mixes easily with other water... and spirit mixes easily with other spirit.

    Our true identity is spirit and therefore we are one with God. We are God stuff. But we are not God. God is the entirety of all spirit. God is the collective spirit of all, the whole of all spirit. We are autonomous expressions of God. We have capability of spontaneous speech and action and movement.. of direction without knowing where we are going.

    God is the author of all coincidence, and He coordinates all His body parts to move in one direction.

    Assuming that our 2 legs have 200 muscles...
    Figuratively speaking.. if God wants to walk in a particular direction, He will coordinate all 200 muscles in both legs to move in harmony with each other to walk in such direction. Therefore, the proper way for us to move is not to know our next direction. In order for it to be in harmony with all other 200 muscles, it must not choose it's own path.

    To choose our own path therfore is to be 'cut off' from God.

    1st Cor 12:13-

    For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.

  2. the word has a Latin origin, in (not) - divid (sectioned, in parts) so "not in parts, or whole"
    which is the opposite of what you had assumed

    God is divided into many parts. On this earth there are about 6 billion potential parts of God, (people living on this earth)

    This smacks of New Age thought, the notion that we are each a part of God, and that God is the sum total
    of all living things. This is false. I am not God, and He is not me. I am a creation of His. He has created me with
    some of His characteristics, but I am not in any way part of the Eternal God.
  3. It's pantheistic. And Xianity is pantheistic when you get down to it.

    There was void, and God, and the Word. From that, everything that was created was created through the word. That word Logos, has many uses, one of them would be COMMANDS or LAWS, like the physics laws God laid down on the cosmos. So the WORD would literally mean, everything is part of the WORD, which is Christ on earth born of Mary, named Joshua in His house as a child.

    When you get down to the meaning of the word, Christianity is pantheistic, technically. But, rather than idolizing nature and the cosmos, we idolize blood and a cross. AND there are those that even idolize Jesus, which took some creative minds to find a way to do.

  4. Oh, and G-low,

    I think the point was a play on the words, much like HIS STORY instead of HISTORY is pulled off. Which the etymology has absolutely NOTHING to do with HIS STORY, but it sure is a cute little cliche we spit around. So, I have to ask, pedantic much?

    Mark came with an interesting play and you go all buzz kill on him. hehe poor guy. :confused:
  5. You chose your moniker well. I've noticed that you never miss an opportunity to take a cheap shot at someone.

    Christianity is completely and utterly monotheistic. One God, who represents Himself as 3 persons.
    To say otherwise is to misrepresent the facts, or intentionally mislead, which is it with you?
  6. OMG. I don't take cheap shots. If I take a shot it's for a purpose and therefore clear.

    You went pedantic on the guy. I pointed out it wasn't the definition and etymology of the word he was going for, but a parallel like the HIS STORY for history thing is.

    What could be an interesting chat to see where he goes, you tried to turn over to Websters for adjudication. :|

    Thus the buzz kill.

    Cheap shot? Not even a shot, it was just a redirect to the purpose of the OP and not the tangent you introduced, AND it was done gently and politely, with a tad of humor.

    AS for the comment about never missing an opportunity.... We can review every post, but the first four I've made on here, and any instance there is any escalation, I am not the instigator but (I'm nearly sure...) two.

    So I have to tell you, you are maliciously delusional. And that was pretty much a knee jerk over reaction.

    I didn't say ANYTHING to contradict 3 members together and separate. You should read slower before you accuse me of such. The way John, and Genesis describes it, what I presented is not only possible, but likely the most logical conclusion. It doesn't disclaim trinity doctrine, if anything you could say it's only offense is defining pantheism in a Xian perspective. And if that perspective comes from the Bible and you don't like it, and thus assert I'm out to stir the pot only to stir the pot and have no point but to be argumentative, rather than conversational, is to reveal your gross insecurities and desire to cause tension, not promote learning and brodening our education.

    If you don't explore thoughts, you don't learn more thoughts.
  7. Glomung, I have asked my account be deleted for three reasons. One there are only one or two with both time and ability to discuss exegetics vs emotional hunches.
    Two, the people that post the most can't reply to a challenge to their belief, they have to make it personal attacks, then deny they did it and blame the one they attacked. I.e. intellectual liars.
    Three I dont care to babysit emotionally unstable narcissistic personalities and will leave you to your own stagnant, errant, impossible to teach theological fantasies and cliches, just like I would leave the sow in the slop.

    You dan, major, bill, and ttc can sit here in your own private reality, unchallenged, and never face a challenge and die thinking you know it all and are right for all I care. I will find adults to discuss with.

    I need not cause the moderators any more grief, but I would pose the question, if everyone goes through the two faced offend and deny behavior when they arrive here, no wonder there are only 5 primary posters. I need people to challenge me and make me think.

    This is a home for people to reassure each other they know it all.

    I'm searching for the next error, you guys for an audience. As you can see, we are incompatible.

    I wish you all well.
  8. We are a bit full of ourselves, no?
    I find it amusing that you accuse others of the very behaviors that you tend to express so well.
    Fare well, may you find others to fix who are more to your liking and more pliable to your will.
  9. You really are a tempest in a teapot. Don't you have anything better to do than vent your impotent ire at me?
    I frankly don't give a hoot what you think my motives are, and you are completely unqualified to determine what I should or should not be doing, thinking, believing, or writing. You appear to be just another windbag who feels the need to cram his own opinion down other's throats.

  10. I haven't found this to be true. At all. Upon first glance, anyone who challenges you has the appearance of a foe. Has ANYONE taken the time to look past the passion to investigate WHY he is so darn blatant and straightforward with his methods??????? I'd venture to say no.

    In Jesus day, He had the same issue. If the Pharisees could have just taken the time to truly look past their own preconceived notions of what they were "seeing," perhaps the story would have played out a little different.... just a thought.

    I'm not sure if I can be in a boat that is full of people who just want to party on like there's nothing to worry about, all the while HIS PEOPLE are dying without Him because the LOVE is GONE from our lives.

    1 John 4:7-12
  11. I have, which is why I have given Xian as much leeway as I have. Since I have a very demanding (timewise, at least) life outside of this site, I have simply been unable to be as deeply involved in this whole dynamic as I would wish. Speaking of demands, I have to go to work in about two minutes, so I'll make this short. I don't think Xian has been treated fairly, nor have his points been looked at closely enough to understand what he was getting at. Not saying I agree with all his points, but they have been points worthy of examination and, if needing to be refuted, worthy of being refuted with rational, respectful discussion. And now I really have to go. I will try to remember to add another thought or two here tomorrow.
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  12. We call ourselves the friendly forum site, but the way we treat people is often far less than friendly. Not every challenge is a threat. Sometimes it is an opportunity to learn and grow. Sometimes it is an opportunity to put our beliefs and values into action. Sometimes a challenge exposes the nature of our beliefs and values, which may be shown to be quite different than what we profess them to be. I suppose I'm speaking somewhat cryptically again, trying to succinctly encapsulate a thought without turning it into a long and tedious lecture. Well, I'm pretty tired right now, so any elaboration will have to wait.
  13. I, for one, have become disgusted at the general desire to be a peacock, feathers, strut and all, rather than a disciple of Christ.

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