What do you think of Oprah's " pray the gay away"

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  1. I felt really bad, bc i felt like it put christians under a bad light. it offended me >.<

    did you see it? how did u feel after watching it?
  2. Oprah is an idiot! I can see her as part of the Antichrist's envoy.
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  3. I haven't seen it, but typically these type of shows try tp give the appearance of objectivity and fairness....unfortunately they are very calculated in who they choose to interview. There no doubt will be those whose only option is "a life of celebacy or eternal condemnation to hell" they will represent christianity. And there will be those who were "damaged" by Christian "therapy.....

    If they have any "success" stories it will be from someone who still struggles and/or someone who went into ministry, as tho becoming a pastor is synonymous with zero credibility. (why can't people understand, when God rescues us from something huge we feel a desire to serve (ie he who has been forgiven much, loves much))

    The greater the obstacle that is overcome, the greater our gratitude.

    I have met people who were transformed completely and have absolutely no homosexual desires. I have also met some who have degrees of lingering same-sex desires.

    The bottom line is they have a right to seek their destiny and to tell someone there is no hope is cruel.

  4. Ginger you are so right abt the interviewing part.. I think dr.drew did an interview abt lisa ling's Pray the gay away... and when the christians were trying to speak, he'd try and cut em' off... and interupt them..uhggg it really angered me lawl.
  5. It's funny you should bring this up. I nearly fell for a lesbian girl when I came up here to my new college. I didn't find out she was gay until after I had brought her flowers. Needless to say, she explained that she was gay to me, to my shock. She told me about how she tried to pray the gay away and it didn't work for her. She is a Christian and a great person and all, but I just don't think she will ever be straight. It's great that this works for some people, but unfortunately I don't think it will work for everyone. Maybe it will take time, but I doubt she prays anymore that these temptations will be erased. At the same time, I know Christ is capable of completely transforming lives around.
  6. I don't focus on the "sin". I focus on the person's relationship with Jesus. Read Romans 7.

    First and foremost, people need to knoiw that God doesn't abandon them just because they are not living the perfect life. That should be a no-brainer, but there are a lot of people out there who won't turn to God because they feel un worthy and feel God can't possibly love them. The fact is none of us is worthy, but God loves us anyway.

    It's not so important in my mind to overcome the sin as it is to accept God on His terms.
  7. right ginger ^^
  8. Any deep-rooted issue, whether it be a sexual problem, a problem with drugs or alcohol, eating disorders, etc., usually don't go away with a short season of prayer. Often people wrestle with those their entire lives. I do hear testimonies from people who have been instantly healed of their "besetting sins", so it does happen, but I would venture to say that most people struggle with their issues over a long period of time, or over a lifetime.

    It is a mistake, in my opinion, to give up after a short struggle, either accepting the condition or living under condemnation. I see engaging in the struggle as being of value in itself. Of course, complete freedom is the goal, but the struggle itself is an act of obedience, service, and worship. Each victory, no matter how small ("I got through today without taking a drink, without bingeing, etc.") is of consequence. Even in the absence of any observable victory, the struggle itself is a continual reaching toward God.

    Oprah is really just a slicker version of Morton Downy or Jerry Springer, and all the more dangerous because of that slickness. Whereas we laugh at Jerry Springer's show, millions listen raptly to Oprah's every word, drinking deeply of the sweet taste of the high fructose corn syrupy lies, deception, and foolishness.
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  9. you are so right Rumely. :-(
  10. There are times a short prayer works, when prayed under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. However, there is also a reason Jesus exhorted us to overcome in revelation 3:5. He that gets victory over sins and adictions is going to grow stronger in the spirit.
  11. Pray the gay away....I have to say...the concept kinda just blows my mind. Are we making Salvation conditional? We now have to do something before John 3:16 applies to us? If a gay person has to first relinquish their lifestyles, what do the rest of us need to do? Must we first become sinless, THEN the cross counts? In that case, I definitely went about this all wrong. As I remember it, I was saved first, then the Holy Spirit helped me start cleaning up my life. If I would have known that all I needed to do was stop sinning, then I could have really saved myself a lot of heartbreak.
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  12. That is exactly why I focus on the relationship with God instead of the sin!!!!

    Too many people reject God because of their sin, which makes them think God rejected them first! When the reality is Jesus died for sinners to show his great love for us.

    Romans 7

    It is not our sin that condemns us to hell. Our sins have been forgiven! It is our rejection of God that condemns us. This fact is just as certain as the fact it is not our good deeds that save, but the blood of Christ Jesus.
  13. Interesting point of view.
  14. thank you Jesus, AMEN!
  15. Dude, why are you bringing back threads from years ago? Lol
    I agree with Banarenth.
  16. I think they're interesting topics, and I had already posted on all the new ones.
  17. You poster, you!
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  18. This is why I like forums. I can read posts from a person from years ago, and really get a sense of their personality and how they have changed and grown.
  19. Yeah. I'd be afraid to read posts I would have made two years ago.

  20. I don't watch Oprah because I'd sooner jump in a piranha-infested lake covered in anchovies paste, but it is now a well-established fact that your sexual orientation isn't something you can magically alter.
    If this were the case there wouldn't be any devout, conservative Christians with a strong opinion on homosexuality who get caught in, shall we say, compromising situations.
    The list is long and growing: George Rekers, Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, etc. etc.

    I think it is safe to say that if gayness was something that could be prayed away, these lamentable, broken men wouldn't be the self-loathing bigots that they are.

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