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  1. will you please have a look at the pdf file I attached? It is actually a kind of Christian tract that I intend to print and pass out. Before doing so I'd like to ask your opinion if it is "impressive" enough or is there anything that should be changed...? It should be a brief (2 pages - type A5) I'm not even sure of the best capitalization and the format style but I'll soon figure them out (with your help).. Thanks in advance ...

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  2. I like it. It's simple and from the Bible. You should probably include your contact details so if they have received salvation they can contact someone about fellowship and growing in their spiritual life.
  3. Hi Hero,

    I think it's great that you want to do this. However, keep your "audience" in mind. I'm assuming that you intend to use this tract for non-church people. They don't understand Christian-speak ("repent", "maranatha") and for most people the language of the KJV will turn them off. I strongly suggest you use a modern Bible version and language that they will understand.

    As for layout, if you fold your A5 sheet in half, you will have a little "booklet", which looks a bit more interesting than a single sheet. If you have MS Publisher, you can do this automatically - otherwise you just need to lay out your pages in the order: page 4 on the left of the first sheet, page 1 on the right of the first sheet, page 2 on the left of the second (reverse) sheet, page 3 on the right of the second sheet.

    I pray God will bless you mightily as you seek to reach out for Him.

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  4. Hi Hero,

    It's a great message on your pdf tract.

    I agree with Revlynn, that it might be best to remove the last 12 words. The whole "Maranatha come quickly" line might confuse a person that doesn't already have a knowledge of the Bible. Modern language will definitely help to remove any possible blockages that the old language might cause. Just make sure that the translation you use is accurate. If you are a "King James Only" person, perhaps consider finding a modern translation that lines up 100% with the KJV translation for those scriptures.
    And a black and white A4 sheet is not very convenient or memorable. There is a website you can go to where they will design your tract for free if you let them add it to their free data-base (for free distribution); it is called tracts4free.
    Here is a link http://www.tracts4free.com/i-have-an-idea-for-a-gospel-tract
    It might be worth seeing if they come up with something more colorful and professional looking.
  5. Thanks for the link Heavy-J. A great resource!


  6. I used Jack Chick Tracts for many years, but have found the newer ones too liberal. My favorite tract now is"Are you a Good Person?" by Ray Comfort (LIVINGWATERS.COM) .

    Julian of York
  7. thanks for the link and all the ideas....
  8. Hero, The Roman Road has always been a great evangelistic tool, and you have much of that here. You may have a typo of the second page, 1st paragraph. The only other thing I might say has already been mentioned, and that is the closing of your tract. I'm not sure folks who are not around "churchy" language would understand Maranatha. I never thought about developing my own tract...I think it is wonderful you are doing this!!! May God bless it and your efforts!!
  9. I see I have a typo, too!! "You may have a typo on the second page..." Sorry!!

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