What Do You Like About the Person Who Posted Before You?

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  1. What Do You Like About the Person Who Posted Before You?

    I just got the great idea to start this! I think we may not get enough chance or opportunity to show our appreciation for others here on CFS. I know a lot of people on this site have been such a blessing to me, and I think everyone should know this!!

    So, just say something nice about the person who posted before you.

    You can start with me I suppose, though that's not the reason I started this thread. But I guess it's gotta start somewhere!!:D
  2. caring and considerate,learning with good cheer.and because good people end up last.:):):).:groupray:
  3. He values wisdom, takes criticism, likes to warn other people of danger. Places the Lord above all, acknowledging He's the only way. He's like a cool older brother who looks out for you.
  4. Mark?

    I don’t know… I guess he’s ok… :p

    Actually, Mark is a man who loves God and wants to please Him.
    He takes advice and doesn’t just jump off and do things on his own.
    He values others opinions and doesn’t realize the full value of his own.
    In my opinion, that is a true sign of humility, and that goes a long way.

    He is loving, kind, considerate, honest…
    I better stop there. He might start to get a big head. ;)

    You’re a cool cat Mark.
  5. Who Am I ?

    Who are you , Dean. ? Well let me see if I can summerize in so many words.

    You are a kind and gentle man who does not hold grudges or differences and is always willing to help some one .

    Your words of knowledge are timely and always appreciated.

    You are a wonderful person to have here on the forum .

    And I love you with the love of the Lord .

    Thanks for all your posts.

    God Bless and you are a blessing.

    And I mean every word.:)

  6. Dusty:

    You are a great woman. You are curious and inquisitive, searching for the Lord.

    You put your trust in Him, not in yourself, and never have a harsh word to say about anyone.

    You are not two-faced, you are a kind and caring woman who strives to become Godly in this walk on Earth.

  7. Oh, Near! The love of animals that is so dear to your heart!
    Your kindness and tenderheartedness for others.
    The compassion that overflows in your words.
    Your youthful enthusiasm that carries over into your posts.
    How mature you seem for your age! Not only socially, but spiritually as well. You have a grasp of theology that took me YEARS to come to!
    Your lively sense of humor.
  8. Ok, I'll give it a go, yeah why not, even though i've only been here for a short while in the CFS.
    My dear Sister Fluffy,
    What can I say about you, only that through your thread and reply to others threads, you appear to be very commpassionate, caring and upfront and totally honest with others and their feelings and thoughts, which I've come to admire.
    Your someone I'd actually like to met in person for a cuppa and chat.
    Lastly but the least i think you are a true blessing to me and to others
    Your sis in Christ Jesus,
  9. Thank ku!
  10. NearertoGod is direct, to the point and still, open minded.

    I like that very much.

    Not afraid to state her view, but just as willing to listen.

    She also has a great sense of humor, and I just don't think that can be beat in a person! :)
  11. CSchultz
    You're a person who puzzles me, at times, but still has a great view.
    You may not agree with others, but you are never pushy or rude about anything.
    You are fair and kind about your beliefs, not loud and hateful like some.
  12. My dear NTG is sensitive and passionate; you feel and think very deeply. I love the way you search out the deep riches of God in Christ Jesus and don't hestitate to ask a question (that boggles most of us) because you so want to know the answer. Your hunger for spiritual things is contagious... hey, I think I caught it!!! :D
  13. autumn_angel65

    You haven't been here very long sis, but I'll take a shot according to what I've observed thus far. I noticed she's witty, polite, kind, full of compliments, and relies on the Lord and trust him with her life. She's socially fluent and recognizes other's social needs, and relaxes peacfully knowing of the pressure-less relationships we have with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. She understands and encourages others compassionately. I believe she shows appreciation for the arts - music, poetry, photos...etc, as well as true and loving companionship.

    I would no doubt love to meet her in person and sit and have some chocolate, coffee, and talk about how great our Lord Jesus is. :)

    (***Please do worshipper next, not me)
  14. Worshipper you express much love and compassion and I see Jesus in that.:)
  15. Mark you hunger and thirst for God and you will be filled. Your desire to know Christ is transforming your very life and God will use you mightily for His glory. And you are a genuinely nice guy.:)
  16. Bo,
    You give great advice and have excellent knowledge of the word. Your love for our Father is refreshing and encouraging.:):):)
  17. da_man, I haven't seen many of your posts lately but I can say that every time you post it's with such a comedic lighthearted touch!! I laugh every time you post. Not sure if you mean it or not, but it's true,:)

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