What do you do?

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  1. What do you do


    God asks for more


    All you have

    Was given

    Even the life

    You’re liven

    It all belongs

    To Him

    Do you look

    To the world

    Do you

    Try to ignore

    Do you

    Get on your knees

    In prayer

    Or prostrate

    On the floor

    What do you do


    God asks for more


    About you

    Is wrong

    Nothing is right

    So you

    Offer yourself

    A living sacrifice

    Death to this world

    Death to sin

    A willing vessel

    A dwelling place

    For Him

    Victory is His

    Your fighting

    Is through

    It’s all about


    No longer

    About you

    Living this life

    Is no longer

    A great chore


    Is the answer


    God asks for more
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