What Do We Really Know About Our Beliefs?

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  1. For many years I have asked deep questions like this. Looking at the unexplained artifacts of the world and my interest in space, time travel, life on other planets and multi dimensions. In doing so my faith has not faded or become tainted. In fact it does the opposite if I keep God as the center as the creator of all things heavenly, earthly, or multi dimensional. I am starting to believe that recent technology over the past 100 years was lost technology from our ancient ancestors. So many things beyond our understanding. If you think about it. Our brains are a organic computer that keeps our bodies working daily. Your brain generates nearly 25 watts of power while you're awake, which is enough to light up a light bulb. So we are basically an organic computer/machine. Our moods can be controlled by changing frequencies to the brain.
    So if you look at the pyramids of the world and how they were created, man has tried to figure out how they were so accurate with the angles, cuts and smooth surfaces with primitive tools, and how they were getting these HUGE monolithic stones put into place perfectly to last 1000's of years. Some say the great pyramid was a power plant for free energy. Which is hard to accept considering they rode chariots, OR where they built prior to the fall of the tower of Babel? Today we know ancient civilizations often stay in the same areas and build layer upon layer in one city, hiding ancient history. Also most paintings of the tower of Babel are depicted in the shape of a pyramid. Or could these pyramids be the towers of Babel and gateway to God? Meaning it was a power station to the conscious mind as a way to communicate with God and the Angels in their dimension... Also if our minds are like a computer and the technology was so advance then, why couldn't our minds of been scrambled to speak different languages with the advanced technology of their day.
    If we look at a computer programmer today, he designs and creates the world and modifies it with his program. That makes him a God of his creation of the world he designed. Example the movie TRON, or the creation of a new world like the movie Avatar which means an incarnation in human form, where the mind of a man was transferred into another living creature. Sound familiar? Like the story of Jesus? What if God is a superior computer programmer (in theory) who created our world, space, and all things past and present and shrouded them deep with mysteries, and the unexplained, and later on created the body of he wants to dwell in and transfers his mind into it to walk among the living with the ability to do many unexplained things like water to wine, healing, walking on water, calming the storm. The designer can and knows how to turn off the programs or change them at his will to do stuff that is unexplained. Computer programmers add hidden features to a program that can only be accessed by a special code or sequence. We all are a part of this so called ANGELIC program like the game SIMS. Being controlled to do things by a higher power possibly? We are living our lives, and having problems to resolve to grow in understand of ourselves and the worlds around us. Technology was lost and we lost the understanding of God the programmer so to speak.
    I apologize if this is too deep, but I am trying to explain things the easiest way I see things. So the theory of the speed of light is just that, a theory. So what about the speed of darkness? Dark matter the God particle that holds everything in place. Even scientist are using there discoveries to explain a creator.
    One more thing is we are all half good and half evil, but we chose which side to be. Hold a piece of paper up to your face and cover half of it. Half of the face depicts the good side, the other the evil side. This was revealed to me at a young age and it always boggled me to why that is. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.
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    am not sure if it is a theory? it is used in measuring distance?
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    There was definitely an advanced society before the flood. If you take the time period from the start of creation (6000 or so bc) to the flood and factor in life expectancy, you get a population estimation of between 1 to 40 billion people. Now if you consider that Adam was highly intelligent (10 plus Einstein's), we have a high starting intelligence platform for technology and due to his long life, it is successfully passed down. We can make a safe assumption that society was very advanced. Mass population = mass production and war. War = technology booms. But, knowing that our ozone was in tact until the coal age....and that there is no space stations... we can make a further assumption that either they did not reach the coal age or they did not need a coal age and perhaps had no desire to settle in space knowing that mankind would stay on earth until Jesus came? There is a very interesting website that has Egyptian drawings of planes.

    As for us being some game / experiment of God. Just be careful with making your view too trivial / life seeming worthless. It reminds me of those that say we are tiny / nothing in comparison to the universe. We must never forget / let the devil or our thoughts convince us that we are in anyway insignificant!!! Jesus / God of all creation died for us. We will live in His house for all eternity! That makes us very special / important / significant / more then an experiment or game to God.
  4. I would suggest that folks base their assumptions on evidence and not on pure blind speculation.

    There is no evidence whatsoever of "advanced technologies" in the ancient cultures.
    The pyramids were built with lots of hard labor and some baisc engineering know-how.
    It is not, nor ever was, any type of "power station" or other silliness, it is a tomb, nothing more.
    The ancients were smarter on average than modern people, but that is mainly because for the last
    century the entire world has been doing its' absolute best to produce a population of morons.

    Conspiracy theorists take great joy in pointing to a piece of ancient artwork (having no idea what it depicts)
    and declaring "look spaceships!".

    Go get a few copies of Biblical Archeology, it will probably be most enlightening.
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  5. It's actually a fun fantasy or thought experiment to consider but it also seems rather unlikely. Pre-flood times weren't really THAT long ago, and we've explored enough of our world and surrounding space to have uncovered at least a few artifacts of an ancient technological society.
  6. BTW, the "speed of light" in a vaccuum is a constant (186,282.396 miles per second). It is used widely by industry.
  7. Your questions are most likely more incredible than mine. For many years, I have asked questions like "Where did I park?"
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  8. I thought it sounded crazy until I did the math.

    Adam to flood is 1656 years. Noah to today is 4300 or so. With their longer lives, the pre-flood population graphs are anywhere from 1 - 40 billion. The one I would agree with puts it between 5-17 http://www.ldolphin.org/pickett.html. It does not make any logical sense that 1-5 billion people, with Adam as their starting point, not have advanced industry similar / past ours. We are talking about billions of people that lived way beyond 100 years. Perhaps there was better farming / use of the land that industry for mass production was not needed? Adam alone was more then capable of going from stone to coal age surely...? Here is one link on the 'ancient planes' http://www.2atoms.com/weird/ancient/plane.htm.
  9. They lived in glass houses and had a lot wireless technology, duh.
  10. The only people who had these extended life spans were those mentioned in the Bible.
    This was God's doing and had nothing whatsoever to do with lifestyle or diet.
    You will remember that though Moses lived to 120, the generation wandering with him died out in 40 years.
    Archaeology and non-Biblical records suggest average lifespans of ancient peoples (excepting infant mortality)
    to have been around 65 years.
  11. Indeed, those ancient humans were so unevolved that they couldn’t fly properly (unlike us, right?). So they invented planes. Regrettably, so far we have only found models. Like this one:

    or this one:

    Those ancients were also so primitive and uneducated that they didn’t build all these things:

    and many others. So it must be an illusion that we have all these artifacts. I mean, it couldn’t possibly be that the formal paradigms are actually wrong, right?

    So primitive that they (mostly Euclid but also a few others, such as Pythagoras) set out the whole of geometry for the entire mankind for more than 2 millennia – right until a fool came along and started imagining other dimensions, dimensions that he himself couldn’t see. Dimensions that to this day have no practicality - none. Other than to theoretically claim a universe that doesn’t actually exist.

    Yes, those ancients were so primitive that they made pyramids that no one today can duplicate…

    Basic engineering? Really? Tell you what: why don’t you take the best engineers in the world, and the most accurate lasers in the world, and the largest cranes in the world – and try to build a copy of the Great Pyramid.

    To get you motivated: you’ll instantly become famous.

    Oh and next time you visit Egypt why don’t try to insert a sheet of paper within 2 blocks of the pyramid. Or a human hair – take your pick. Let’s see you doing such a pyramid – with current technology.

    And did I mention that to this day they (you) don’t know even the actual composition and preparation process of those blocks? So why don’t you go ahead and completely revolutionize the entire construction industry of the world. Make it cheap, make it affordable for everybody. Who exactly wouldn’t want a house of 1 thousand dollars? (most of that figure would be labor cost, obviously…) A house lasting for millennia?

    So next time you’re so willing to embrace the formal paradigms why don’t you check first if those paradigms are actually true. That would be scientific, wouldn’t it? While blindly embracing them is exactly opposite of science. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Oh and here’s an easy refutation of your claim:

    What? Nanotechnology? I thought you said those ancients were so primitive… Perhaps you didn’t hear that they even used to do trepanations, for example, as even mainstream atheistic sources such as wikipedia admit:

    True, wikipedia calls it “primitive emergency surgery”, but tell me this: could you, a modern, evolved, man, do such trepanations if you’re not a medical doctor? Don’t worry, I’ll give you all the modern instruments that you want, but could you do it? And could the wikipedia editors do it?

    And here are some other examples of ancient nanotechnology, such as in cups and swords:

    And speaking of this article, here’s a sample of mainstream logic:
    "They were highly skilled but they were not nanotechnologists. They did not know that they were working on the nanoscale".

    So, simply because they didn’t know they were working on the nanoscale, they weren’t actually nanotechnologists. I see…

    It’s like me flying around in an F16, really low (NOE), breaking all the windows in my wake, and so much other devastation, and a spectator claiming that I’m not really flying because I don’t actually know that I’m flying. Meanwhile, of course, his clothes just got ripped off him. That is, if himself managed somehow to be left standing…

    True. But beware that you’re running against mainstream worldview.

    No. It’s because Adam came straight from the hands of God while you and I don’t. There is a long process of involution or devolution (not evolution) between Adam and us. Despite all our modern gadgets that make us (falsely) believe we are wise.

    Well, not only I didn’t declare spaceships, but (almost) all the ancient evidence that I linked to I know exactly what it depicts.

    Oh and when you make your trip in Egypt, why don’t you take it a little further – into Israel. And make sure you make it there with the occasion of Yom Kippur, their holiest day in the entire year. And tell them that they have it all wrong, that ‘yom’ doesn’t actually mean a day, but instead a period of billions of years. After all, they are so primitive that they don’t know their own language, right?

    I thought God instructed the Jews precisely what to eat and what not. He also gave them hygiene instructions. Perhaps we have a different Bible?

    So there you are: between the Bible and the formal theories. What exactly would you choose? Don’t answer, I already know.
  12. Sorry but I’m not sure that’s a good thing. At all.
  13. Hey now, we all have our little guilty pleasures. One of my all-time favorite movies is Mr. Mom. We can't be too snobby regarding movies and music. :p
  14. no_one, when you remove the hysteria and wishfull thinking, you do a wonderful job of proving my points.

    There is no evidence that you provided that is not an example of stretching the truth until it is badly broken.
  15. Perhaps we can leave the snark aside. We're all friends here. ;)
  16. Ironically, in all of our ‘dialogues’ it was only you that made empty claims, while I have documented pretty much anything that I said.

    So both the “hysteria” and the “wishfull thinking” belong exclusively to you. Especially since you want so dearly the formal paradigms to be true, despite all the contrary evidence. And yes, what I presented is evidence contrary to your claims, not for your claims.

    And by the way it’s wishful, not “wishfull”.
  17. I’m forced to ask: are you sure you have read the Bible?
  18. no_one, you have not "documented" anything
    you provided links to webpages of folks who share your misconceptions

    your "airplane" is a perfect example of what I am talking about
    what it looks very much like is a type of fish (Plecostomus) that is dirt common throughout all of South America.
    So, when the locals are making ornaments, what will they copy? a fish they see almost every day or a hypothetical badly designed aircraft that they have neither the materials nor know-how to create?
  19. G.Punkt, you are very much in error. There most certainly are demons.
    If you have not encountered them or those who serve them, consider yourself fortunate.
  20. Really? I was under impression that I gave a multitude of links. Unlike you, who still keep it up with your empty claims.

    Really? Would you like to actually show that the links I gave share my “misconceptions”?

    Tell you what: why don’t you post the picture of the precise airplane that you’re talking about so that we all see how an obvious airplane turns into a fish only because you want it.

    Better still, why don’t you do this: take that picture on the streets and ask unknown people what that picture suggests to them. Don’t even tell them that it’s either an airplane or a fish, just wait for their answer.

    And then take the Antikythera mechanism and show it to various people and try to convince them that it’s not actually an analogue astronomical calculator, but a representation of a bear, or a dog or whatever. Good luck with that.

    Similarly, tell them that the Egyptian depicted electrical apparatus it’s not electrical, simply because the current human theories wouldn’t allow for electricity so far back into the past. I mean, you wouldn’t throw away your precious theories once proven wrong, would you? Of course not. That would indeed be scientific.

    And I’m sure in the end you’ll manage to bury all the evidence that runs against your theory.

    Conclusion: I understand that believing in evolution requires you to interpret all the evidence according to evolution – so don’t bother telling me that again and again. I already know it – it’s a perpetual thing with all the evolutionists that I have met: nothing can come against their (your) theory.

    But in your case I find that truly ironic, since it’s a naturalistic theory that we’re talking about…

    There you are, running in circles and not even noticing it. All that you are doing is a circular argument: you claim they didn’t build an aircraft because “they have neither the materials nor know-how to create”. In other words, simply because you don’t believe that they actually had those materials and the know-how, they couldn’t do it.

    Just as I said above: you always interpret things according to evolution, and never let anything to stand between you and your precious theory.

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