What do I do?

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by Duddy316, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. What do I do?

    Hello people, I'm 21 currently studying to be a minister via internet. Because I am visually impared, and not exactly rich...meh...I spend a lot of time at home.

    Sometimes I get worried about my future and how things will work out. I've tried to persue other careers, but the door always shuts. I attended a community college for a year and my instructor told me that while I have a talent in the field, it would be hard for me to suceed because of my disability and lack of passion for the field. I really wasn't interrested in what I was doing...

    Truth is, the only thing I'm interrested in is ministry (well that and video games) Thats really all I know. Sometimes I feel like I'm always going to be doing what I'm doing now...not progressing. I'm looking for a job to make some money and save and all that good stuff. Any advice or encouragement?
  2. I would like to take an opportunity to welcome you to CFS Duddy316- as far as your request I will be praying for you and believing for God to open the door He wants you to go thru- many blessings brother Larry
  3. Hi and Welcome.
    The first thing that came to my mind is for you to prayerfully find someone you trust and respect, as a mentor in the ministry.

  4. Yeah that's funny you should say that because that's one thing that I have been praying for is supportive friends and a mentor to learn from. Not to sound like a crybaby, but I never really knew my own father
  5. Best of luck Duddy316. Perhaps you could turn your ministering ability into a job? What opportunties are there in this area?

    Could you start your own web site. Not sure if you can make a great deal of money from this, considering the vast amounts of other free sites available.

    The personal fulfillment is payment enough though.

    Perhaps you could write books, or e-books and sell them online?

    Just ideas, hopefully they might help.:)
  6. Dear Duddy,

    May God be with you!

    Are you going to church? Are you active in your church? I would start there. As with any career, showing that you have some experience is vital. Begin by volunteering, then maybe work at becoming a youth minister or faith formation director - something that will give you experience and allow you to grow in your field and get known.

    God bless you!

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