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  1. My post isn't meant to offend and I apologize for its length. I'm just being honest about my life up until this point and I need your support, as well as God's. I want to change. I no longer want to journey down this dark path that I'm on, and I believe only God can help me now.

    Let me start off by saying that I wasn't raised in a Christian home nor am I baptized, although I am planning on getting baptized soon. My mother and relatives would sometimes talk to me about God, Christianity, and Jesus though. But my aunt (self-proclaimed psychic) and older cousins also talked to me about Tarot cards and that sort of thing (and sometimes they still do). Regardless, I was always interested in God and whether or not I was cut off from God--or if I was going to hell. Additionally, I'm very interested in Christian apologetics.

    For the most part growing up I was a very introverted person with low self-esteem who just stayed in his room all day playing video games and looked at pornography. I never had a girlfriend, kissed or did anything with a woman until I was around 23 (mostly because I was shy, low self-esteem, etc.); and I lost my virginity around 25 to my first girlfriend who I just recently separated from. I met this woman on the Internet when I was 21-22. She was in the exact same situation I was in, although she was a little more successful than I (she actually obtained a Bachelor's degree). It took us around two years of talking on the phone everyday to finally meet in person (she lives in a different state). After that initial meeting, we would meet each other every month or so, maybe more, to have sex and go on dates. We even met each others families. We considered ourselves a couple and would say we loved each other. This bizarre relationship went on for about seven years in total. Towards the end of this seven year relationship (last three years), she would break up with me, then get back together with me. Say she loved me, then say she didn't. Back and forth--up and down. This person was my best friend and lover (I thought she was my soul mate), but it was becoming increasingly obvious that she no longer wanted to be with me. Finally, it ended with her cheating on me about five months ago with some guy she randomly picked up on Craigslist. She told me she did this to prove to herself and to me that it was really over, that she no longer loved me. I also learned later from her that she tried cheating on me once before with a coworker at some bar, but the guy rejected her.

    Regardless, when I learned that she cheated on me and after she ended our relationship, I did some disgusting and regrettable things to her, to get back at her, I suppose. First, I invaded her privacy by going through her e-mail to find out who she was talking to. I found out the guy's e-mail that she cheated on me with, then contacted him, because I wanted to know if she really did cheat on me. The guy confirmed it. Then he contacted her. She confronted me about it over the phone, but I lied and told her the guy contacted me (which made no sense). She became afraid because she thought the guy was stalking her. When I realized I was frightening her, I confessed that I was lying. That's when she told me she never wanted to talk to or see me again (after we broke up, I wanted to remain friends). I e-mailed her an apology and asked her to try to understand how hurt and desperate I was--and she responded with a somewhat patronizing e-mail recommending that I go see a therapist, that she no longer wanted to be my friend, etc. That's when I lost it and responded back by writing a hateful e-mail detailing her infidelity, how she's been stringing me along and using me, how she was emotionally abusive, etc., then I sent this e-mail to her friends and family via her e-mail.

    It took me a day to regret my actions, then I apologized to her through e-mail, texts, voice mails, etc. I told her mom on facebook that I was sorry. But I got no response. A week or two passed, then she contacted me around New Years to tell me that it was nice of me to apologize, that she was trying to move on with her life, but that if I ever "harassed" her or her family again, then she would get the police involved. It took awhile for me to heed her request. I still loved her and I missed talking to and seeing her, but every time I pictured her with another man it felt like I was being punched in the stomach. This lead to me sending her an e-mail one week telling her how much I missed her, how sorry I was, then in the next sending her an e-mail rebuking her for what she did to me. This went on for about 1 1/2 months and lead to her contacting me again. In her e-mail she gave me one last warning to leave her alone or she'll get the police involved. I listened.

    But then two weeks later, she contacted me by calling my cell. I missed the call, so the next day she texted me a bunch of messages scolding me for the e-mail I sent her family. I called her cell and we began to talk for the first time in two months. I apologized to her and she apologized to me. She told me she gained a lot of weight and asked me if I would still find her attractive. In other words, she felt unattractive and desperate, so she needed me to reassure and make her feel good. We even arranged to see each other in a week's time. For a week we talked like we were friends and talked about sexual things. Then out of nowhere, she told me that she didn't want to meet, that she no longer wanted to talk to me, and that she was still angry about what I did. A week passed until I decided to send her one final e-mail telling her to never contact me again, that she just used me, again, that she was garbage, etc. She responded with something along the lines of "leave me alone."

    When a month passed with neither of us attempting to contact the other, I decided that I needed to take responsibility for the damage caused by the e-mail I sent. You see, after I invaded her e-mail and sent that letter, she felt the need to purchase $500 worth of computer security. I felt bad about this so I felt I needed to make amends by sending her a letter with $500 enclosed. The letter was a final apology. Naturally, this ended with us talking on the phone again (which is probably another reason why I sent the $500). Then we planned on meeting again in May and started talking to each other like we were once again friends. A week or so passed with us doing this when she started texting and leaving voicemails asking me to come over right away because her mother was on vacation (she lives with her mother and sister). I drove to her house and spent the night. Then we talked for a few more days; however, her tune changed again. She told me she "didn't want to do this anymore" and that she didn't want to talk to me anymore. I obliged. But then the Boston bombings occurred so I had to make sure she was OK--which lead to us talking for a few more days. However, this time, she became irritated with me when I tried flirting with her--which lead to her not returning my calls for several days. Finally, she texted me something along the lines of, "I'm not your friend. That e-mail you sent my family cannot be undone, much like what those bombers did in Boston cannot be done, no matter how sorry you are. Get lost."

    That text was sent to me about a week ago.


    I don't know what to do.

    I know this woman is bad for me. In fact, before she last told me to "get lost," I prayed to God for Him to harden her heart towards me, and my heart towards her. I said this out of principle, with the stronger part of my being, even though the weaker part of me wants to continue this broken and sinful relationship, which I know isn't God's will. I know that what I'm doing is displeasing to the Lord. But I feel so alone. I miss being with a woman in every capacity. I love women. In particular, I miss this woman. She was my best friend. But she also cheated on me, emotionally abused me, and is an agnostic who appears to dislike the Christian religion. She is also a sexual deviant, as am I (although I've only been with this woman)--which is why I think the relationship is over. I believe God is giving me a second chance to do the right thing and to maybe one day find a real wife who is a legitimate Christian. I just want a woman who I can love, make happy, be loyal to, and one day have children with. But I'm afraid I'm too old and have little to offer. I'm not even a genuine Christian yet (I don't attend or belong to any church--nor am I baptized).

    This woman's influence hasn't been entirely bad though. She motivated me to get my driver license, get a job, go back to college, etc. If I didn't meet her, then I'd still be in my room doing absolutely nothing.

    Then I worry about my sinful ways. Primarily, I have trouble controlling lustful/perverted thoughts. I also worry that I don't take God seriously enough--and that I am not saved--or will never be saved. I worry that I might be one of the people that Jesus never knew. I've asked God to kill me if there's no hope for me because I don't want to live in this world anymore.
  2. I can't write much, time limited, but I think it's best to let her go, as best you can. I personally
    don't feel it will be healthy for either of you. Praying is good, and being saved is a confession of Jesus as your savior for dying on the cross. Don't let the enemy make you think otherwise. I do suggest you try reaching out to a church/pastor and place where you can find spiritual support.
  3. Matthew1128

    I COMPLETELY understand your situation.<<<<<<Notice the tag.

    STOP idolizing 'the opposite sex'. It took me a long time to realize that was what I was doing. STOP looking at Porn-I know it's difficult-but it can be done. It may take time; but it is what is allowing your 'lustful' nature to prevail. STOP trying to fill the void with a female relationship-it is Christ you need right now. PLEASE DON'T get yourself into a situation where you are stuck in a relationship with an unbeliever. STOP seeking bars/ strip clubs/ prostitutes/ online dating sites.

    Please learn from my mistakes-dude your 28? MAN I wish I could go back to 28 before I screwed my whole relationship life up indefinitely. Don't become like me-living a life absent of blessings because of hypocrisy. You are me exactly a decade ago...

    Get in a Bible Believing Church ASAP and kill your TV and computer if necessary. Throw out all you worldly DVDs, video games and music. TRUST ME ON THIS! You need to renew your mind before you get into trouble again. Get some good preaching, listen spiritual songs and hymns (not Contemporary Christian Worship either.)

    This is your future self calling-take heed to yourself! Get in love with Christ FIRST and let Him send you a wife....

    These guys have helped me:



  4. there a lot of girls out there… you can LOVE anyone…

    choose who will cook for you, wash your clothes,,,,hmmm house maid? not really, but why not? : )

    we can LOVE anyone: If you got your LOVE definition right…. : )

    anyone, even our enemy..... LOVE your enemy the teacher told us... see? we can LOVE anyone if our LOVE definition is rigth....

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