what do christians do for fun on free time ?

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  1. no sexual sins in any kind of form [​IMG] no violence in any kind of form [​IMG] i am right ? and of course no stealing [​IMG] = torrent [​IMG]

    so what do you do ? i quess there is alot of music that is not really sinful .......

    i dont watch tv [​IMG] and im very strict when it comes to computer .....

    does it say something about traning your body in the bible ? is it recommended =?

    well i would like to run and strenght train .... but im so weak at those categories .. pathetic weak [​IMG]

    sure do send in a kind comment [​IMG]
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  2. Welcome :)

    If you have not done so as of yet please read CFS forum rules and getting started threads here


    Again, Welcome to CFS

    I do bible studies and listen to what people have to say concerning the bible. As to exercise, here you go:

    1 Timothy 4:8 (KJV)
    For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.
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  3. I play video games, read, read my Bible, and follow after Christ. I, of course, I can't say that I do the last two a lot. Don't want to lie and say I do it all the time. And of course, talk on these forums.
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  4. I canoe and fish for fun. I read and study the bible daily, not always in huge quantities but I find time everyday. I play a lot of music. I'm an active member of the praise team and I am in a praise band made up of other guys outside of my church. I'm planning another music project with some people I met at a concert. I want to play outside of churches and get in front of people that may never go to church.
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  5. Hi, welcome to the forum. I like hiking, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors that God created.
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  6. I play with my daughter - her teapot set, puzzles, dolls.. Sometimes she likes to play XBox with me - Kinect Sports like volleyball, athletics, etc..
    Once a week I try to watch a Christian movie with family.. Then spending time reading through forums like XDA, CFS and some Android websites.. That's pretty much it!
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  7. Christians don't have any fun; it;s against the rules....

    Just kidding!
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  8. Do I have free time? Most Sunday evenings are sort of free time when I am at my boyfriend's house or he is here, and we fall asleep on the couch like a couple of old fogies while our parents watch televison. Is that like weird or what? I have been reading the Bible. I work that in during study time. I'm sure the CFSers have found my Biblical experience beyong bizarre.
  9. What kind of weak? Medically? Or do you mean the spirit is strong, but flesh is weak sort of thing? If you have a medical diagnosis, definitely get tht doctors okay before you exercise.
  10. Go watch Fury, starring Brad Pitt. It's an excellent WW2 movie, with wonderful performances and great attention to detail. Shia LaBoeuf's character is a devout Christian and there are several references to religion.
  11. Just saw this movie this weekend. I think it is one of the better war movies I have seen in a long time.
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    Hiking, kayaking, cliff jumping (went first time this summer and absolutely loved it!), cooking, playing piano (18 years!), fitness (running/walking/kettlebell), going out with friends to the movies or for a cup of coffee.

    Hmmm....I'm not sure what else. :)
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  13. And you're not married yet? ;)
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  14. Lol, I am not.
  15. I study. The bible and other old text.

    I guess you could also say I'm a thinker. There are times when I just think. I even sometimes lay in bed all night long thinking. I rest, but don't sleep. Is that too strange/weird?

    I also like swimming; the beach or pool.
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  16. Welcome.

    I spend time with family and friends, lap swim (joining a swimming club), read, run, cook, play piano, listening to music, walk around the city, go to a show if someone good is performing, movies and TV, having long discussions are our favorite bar.

    But one of my favorite activities is praying the Rosary, which I try to do every day.
  17. I swim in swimming hall, jog and play video games. Some days read bible. The first three almost every day.
  18. It is really more of a hobby than something I do in my free time. I have for years put model battleships together. It take me about a year to finish one. As my grandkids are now older, 2 of them have begun to want to help out.
  19. My friend spends hours by making small models of soldiers. He colours them and makes whole armies. He specializes in armies of Old Testament and it´s really fascinating to listen to him talking about every single army, its way of fithing, armor, historical context....

    Just now I spend my free time reading fantasy saga. I am now in 3rd book of 10. What a nice idea to write so long saga!
  20. What I have done is to write a little history page on each ship I have made. When the grand kids come over we spend time talking about what happened and why and what each ship did. They ask me what this gun did and what that tower is for and so on. It has become quite a teaching moment and They do not know it but I am teaching them history and there will be no more battleships made so this way someone remembers.
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