What do Christian Women look for in a Man?

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  1. So with so many dating websites, dating culture, and more importantly Courtship, what are some of the things you Christian women look for or find attractive about a man?
  2. Be careful asking questions like this... As with everything else - there's a huge gap between what people say they are looking for and what they are ACTUALLY looking for....

    Back in the day - I noticed this especially about women... They say they are looking for one sort of man - and then continually date and marry the complete opposite....
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  3. JESUS!

    But let's be honest...how many people truly want to be or live with Christ?
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  4. Having a godly husband...who is strong in conviction, strong in the knowledge of the Word of God and the Love of Christ. Putting his relationship with God first so that he can be the head of the house, while being able jointly manage his relationship with God and his wife. Plus wash her with the water of the Word, and a huge encourager. Loving his wife as Christ loves the church and gave himself up for her. And a wondreful best friend and faith buddy. Plus one who loves and teaches his children in love and with The Word. Awesome!

    To many men and women have exchanged roles and responsibilities and it is really disheartening. To many women want to be the leader of the house and that is not the correct place for them.

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  5. Solid answer. :)
  6. I have actually wrote a book on the subject. And I was surprised that even men like it. Because basically I was saying many preachers preach about relationships in men's favour and ignore the bit that says men are to love their wives like Christ loves His Church. They always seem to concentrate on the women submitting. And I found out something that was very interesting the word head apparently was written in koine Greek and it means something very different then Modern Greek. It doesn't mean leader, chief and so on. There is apparent proof in some ancient document. I am sorry I can't explain where I got the information from. All I know it was on a blog in the internet.
  7. I agree @Cturtle . However I feel majority of men these days do not fit the standard so women have had to take their role in being head of household. I have witnessed so many men take their wives for granted and treat them horribly just because they have that title of " head of the household" . A true Godly man would not do that. But these Godly men are quite rare today. It's sad how the world has changed.
  8. Be cautious to what you read in someone's blog. If its not in the Word of God, then its not truth.

  9. This is true Phoenix in an every day worldy man in many cases. Now then what woman would want a man who does not Love God with his entire being ? What woman has any business getting in a relationship with a man who does not walk in Gods ways.
    For if the man is a Godly man and Loves God with his entire being then he will love you and take care of you.
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  10. I agree with what you said, however there is something a godly woman can do. She can stay in submission to the Word of God, and her husband...all the while speaking the Word of God over her husband, and praying, thanking God for stiring up the truth within him, and granting her the gift of a man who walks the way God instructs him to walk. Who walks according to the Word of God. But i can guarantee you that if the woman is not walking according to the Word, or is constantly speaking what she sees or is in strife... The Word of God will not work in her behalf. She has to have complete faith in the Word of God, and in God Himself's ability to carry out His Word. Making no part of His Word to return unto Himself void. Meaning she has total trust that no matter what she sees in the natural....God is true to make His Word manifest in her life. A godly woman is one who God will move heaven and earth to twke care of her if she is standing on the Word.

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  11. I don't just believe in anything that people tells me. I do listen carefully to their arguments. And I only told you a little of what she said, and you must know that the translators have not always been correct. For example the book of James is not the book of James, it should be Jacob. The only bibles that call him James is the English bibles every other bible in other languages call him Jacob. There is so much more I can tell you, especially they change things when it comes to women. Men just hate to be told that women are equal in God's eyes.

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